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Center for Insurance Research

The Center for Insurance Research engages in meaningful and timely research projects designed to assist the industry, regulators, academics and consumers in understanding the insurance business and provides solutions to current insurance issues. The center accomplishes this by disseminating research and sponsoring projects and symposia.

Objectives of the center include:

  • Advancing the quality and integrity of the Florida State College of Business’ nationally-ranked risk management and insurance program, The Dr. William T. Hold/The National Alliance Program in Risk Management and Insurance, by bringing industry professionals, students and scholars together.
  • Facilitating conferences, symposia and workshops to encourage interaction between academics, practitioners and regulators on timely risk management topics.
  • Disseminating analytically rigorous research projects and publications on issues related to risk management and insurance.

Center Activities

One of the ways the center strives to accomplish its mission is through events held in conjunction with the insurance industry, regulators and academics from other institutions around the world. All events are designed to encourage interaction among the various stakeholders in the risk management and insurance community.

Research Visitors - Each spring semester the center hosts presentations from distinguished academic and industry professionals. Our most recent visitors and their topics included:

  • Jean-Francois Outreville, PhD, HEC Montreal/INSEEC (Paris) - “Uncertainty, Ambiguity and Conflict: An Experimental Investigation of Consumer Behavior and Demand for Insurance”
  • Robert Klein, PhD, Georgia State University - “Insurance Solvency Regulation: A New World Order?”
  • Michael Braun, PhD, Southern Methodist University - “Transaction Attributes and Customer Valuation”
  • Lisa Posey, PhD, Pennsylvania State University - “Dopamine, Genetics and Prospect Theory: Heterogeneity in Decision-Making Under Risk”

Brown Bag Seminars - The seminars are informal lectures by Florida State faculty and doctoral students, designed to allow discussion of work in progress. Our most recent seminar presenters and their topics included:

  • Patricia Born, Ph.D. - “Best Practices for Regulating Property Insurance Premiums and Managing Natural Catastrophe Risk in the United States”
  • Will Moore, Ph.D. - “Research on Violent Political Conflict”
  • Courtney Bass, RMI doctoral student - “Does the Peril Matter? Multi-Peril Evidence on the Risk and Mitigation Perceptions & Behaviors of Homeowners in 12 U.S. Communities”
  • David Orozco, Ph.D. - “Trust and Control: The Value Effect of Venture Capital Term Sheet Provisions as Risk Allocation Tools”


Center faculty members maintain collaborative relationships with faculty in other academic centers, including:

  • The Florida Catastrophic Storm Center, also housed in the Florida State College of Business
  • The Center for Innovative Collaboration in Medicine & Law, a joint venture between the Florida State Colleges of Law and Medicine
  • Munich Center for Risk and Insurance, a joint venture between the Munich School of Management, Insurance Professionals in Munich, Germany and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich.
  • Institute for Successful Longevity, devoted to interdisciplinary research on healthy physical and cognitive aging. 

To learn more about the Center for Insurance Research, please contact Dr. Patricia Born, Center Director and Payne H. and Charlotte Hodges Midyette Eminent Scholar in Risk Management and Insurance, or Dr. Randy Dumm, Associate Center Director and Hold Professor in Risk Management and Insurance.


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