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Master of Science in Marketing (MSM)

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The objective of the Master of Science in Marketing (MSM) at Florida State University's College of Business is to train and prepare graduate students to manage the complexities faced by today's global organizations.

Course Descriptions

MAR 5125 - Marketing Strategy in the Global Environment
Examines the business-level marketing strategy in the context of global markets and uses the marketing-planning process as a framework for understanding how global environments, markets, and institutions affect the strategic marketing operations of the global business enterprise.

MAR 5409 - Business-to-Business Sales and Marketing
This course focuses on building and managing relationships with business customers. It covers business-to-business management issues with an emphasis on topics at the mid-to-upper management level. Specific strategic marketing issues include problems and opportunities that leverage an understanding of the entire supply chain. Sales deals primarily with complex, large/key account management and customer relations. Sales management issues concentrate on managing a sales force focused on complex accounts.

MAR 5465 - Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
The purpose of this course is to provide an understanding of the ideas and concepts of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management function in organizational settings. Focus is placed on the development and management of relationships with world class suppliers in an e-business environment. The course will cover the importance of developing sourcing strategies through a global supply base. Specific concepts covered include: supplier selection & development; management of a strategic supply base; electronic commerce applications; logistics and inventory issues.

MAR 5466 - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
This course examines the downstream portion of the supply chain and the strategic marketing implications related to managing customer relationships. Focus is on the management of the processes necessary to stimulate and meet customer demand, as well as on the development of long-term customer relationships.

MAN 5501 - Operations Management
This course develops a conceptual framework which is useful in describing the nature of the operations function, with emphasis on identifying basic issues in managing the operations of a service organization.

MAR 5625 - Marketing Research and Analytics
Focuses on the tools, techniques, and procedures involved in the marketing research process, as well as the critical thinking skills necessary to interpret marketing research findings.  In addition, the course will cover major analytical techniques that are used in a variety of research settings in both marketing and general business.

MAR 5861 - Customer Relationship Management
Focuses on strategies aimed at developing and maintaining enduring customer relationships.  Customers are arguably the single most important stakeholder of any modern corporation.  As a result, firms must employ strategies designed to create, promote, and retain customers over the long term.  Customer relationships are also a key component of any corporation's overall reputation, and therefore must be managed in concert with other key stakeholder relationships.

MAR 5957 - Global Business Seminar 
This course consists of on-campus class meetings and an international trip to an overseas destination. On-campus meetings help students understand the related international business theories as well as the inhibiting and opportunity-offering roles of local cultures in international business. The international trip is to gain access to the best business practices of world-class multinational firms in the destination city.

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Marketing faculty and staff members list

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Program Costs


The MSM program requires 33 credit hours:

  • Florida residents: $479.32 (tuition plus fees) per credit hour. Total estimate program cost is $15,817.56.
  • Non-Florida Residents: $1,110.72 (tuition plus fees) per credit hour. Total estimate program cost is $36,653.76.

Note: These costs do not include required books and supplies for courses.  Costs are subject to change. Fees in table do not include some per-term flat fees for FSUCard and facilities use. For a breakdown of on-campus student fees and their explanations, visit the university's Tuition Rates page.

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Financial Assistance
Graduate assistantships are available for MSM students. These assistantships are a combination of cash payments and tuition waivers and require the student to work 10 hours per week as a graduate, research or teaching assistant. Assignments are made as research assistants or teaching assistants according to the current needs of the Department of Marketing. Only those submitting GMAT scores are eligible.

Read more about the college's financial assistance options for graduate students.

You may also visit Florida State's financial aid web site for more information on types of financial aid.

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