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Past conferences have supported tracks in the following substantive issues and areas: wastefulness, alternative food systems, poverty, moral self-regulation, financial well-being, transformative services, hunger, mindfulness, modern slavery, women and health, life satisfaction, social conflict, environmental sustainability, religion, stigma, developing markets, health, food well-being, ethnicity, vulnerability, addiction, transformative methods, materialism, social justice and immigration. For 2019, we welcome track proposals for these and new social topics. Based on a philosophy of innovation and inclusion, new track chairs and themes are encouraged.

The 2019 TCR conference will continue to use the successful dialogical (interactive) format from past conferences. We also will consider proposals that involve longer-term projects and smaller teams of researchers who work on these longer projects. We are open to novel  tracks that experiment with approaches to team-based research.

Conference costs are still being determined but will be kept as low as possible. As in past TCR conferences, the conference fee will help cover on-campus residential hall accommodations and dining from May 19-21. Travel, including to and from the campus, is the responsibility of attendees.

Opportunities for a special journal issue/section linked to the 2019 TCR conference will also be explored. 
Inquiries or questions can be directed to: TCR2019@business.fsu.edu


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