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Recent Alumni Board focuses on expanding membership, increasing network

Mar 31, 2017

Stefano CavallaroSince joining the college’s Recent Alumni Board (RAB) last April, Stefano Cavallaro says he has increased his personal and professional network of FSU College of Business alumni at least “tenfold.” That’s one reason the new RAB chair is encouraging other business grads to get on board.

In fact, Cavallaro says “enhancing the geographic footprint of the board” across the nation and increasing membership to 30 alumni is a priority for Cavallaro and others on the current 15-member board.   

“We want our membership to grow and reflect the diversity of our alumni, including by industry and geographic reach,” said Cavallaro (ACG/POL SCI ’15), an audit accountant in the Tallahassee office of Carr, Riggs & Ingram LLC. “We hope to connect alumni to the College of Business and to each other in regions across the country.”

That means building a strong network of recent alumni in every major metropolitan market, from Miami to San Francisco, giving FSU students and young alumni access to the “’Nole Network,” he said.

Board members meet by phone monthly to determine goals and strategies for moving forward and gather in person for a meeting that coincides with the annual fall meeting of the college’s Board of Governors.

For Cavallaro, who thrived at FSU, participating on the RAB fits his desire to give back to the university and the College of Business, and assuming leadership roles comes naturally to him. He served as FSU student body president, a position that also serves as a member on the FSU Board of Trustees. He also chaired the Florida Student Association (FSA), representing more than 330,000 students in the State University System. The FSA chair also serves on the Florida Board of Governors, which oversees the state’s public universities.

In addition to building and strengthening the alumni network, Cavallaro said, board members are committed to their overall mission of creating awareness of the board’s activities and engaging and fostering relationships among alumni, the college and recent graduates, as well as soon-to-be alumni.

Some specific goals include:

  • Engage current students through interaction with the college’s Presidents Council (comprising the presidents of the college’s undergraduate student organizations and clubs) and Student Leadership Council, while continuing to facilitate the popular Summer Mentorship Program.
  • Engage recent alumni as they begin their careers. Through the Regional Representative Program, more established alumni assist RAB board members in hosting intimate development dinners that connect a small group of recent alumni with successful business alumni already thriving in that geographical region.
  • Recognize outstanding business graduates with the annual Recent Alumni Achievement Award.

Additionally, the board is committed to giving back in other ways. Its members have pledged $5,000 toward Legacy Hall, the College of Business’ new building, and are encouraging fellow recent alumni to learn how they can contribute and make their mark on the college’s future.

“It’s important for all of us to remember where we came from and the people who helped us get where we are today,” Cavallaro said.

For more information about the Recent Alumni Board, contact Cavallaro at s.cavallaro12@gmail.com, or Marissa Langston, Assistant Dean of Alumni and Community Engagement at mlangston@business.fsu.edu.

Fill out and submit a board membership application here.

By Barbara Ash





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