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Strategic Work Groups

The Department of Marketing is divided into four strategic work groups that are focused on substantive areas in which the department has particular expertise. All of the groups have the same three objectives: (1) corporate outreach (e.g., internships/jobs/guest speakers for undergrads and graduate students; access to data and executive education for faculty and Ph.D. students), (2) external funding, and (3) highly regarded research. The groups are intended to work independently yet collaboratively, wherever possible. Each group has a lead person in charge of any undergraduate programs/corporate outreach and a different person in charge of any graduate programs/research. The group rosters, including who is in charge of each initiative, are listed below:

Transformative Consumer Research (TCR):
Dr. Ronald Goldsmith and Dr. Maura Scott (Goldsmith heads up coursework and corporate outreach)

Dr. Mike Brady, Dr. Joe Cronin, Mr. Jim McLaughlin, Dr. Mike Hartline, Dr. Charles Hofacker, Dr. Luke Hopkins, Dr. Martin Mende (McLaughlin is in charge of the undergraduate program and corporate outreach; Cronin in charge of graduate education and research)

Dr. Willy Bolander, Dr. Leff Bonney, Mr. Pat Pallentino (Pallentino heads up the undergraduate program and corporate outreach; Bonney in charge of graduate education and research)

Global Supply Chain Management:
Dr. Michael Brusco, Dr. Larry Giunipero, Dr. Daekwan Kim, Dr. John Larsen, Dr. Ruby Lee, Dr. Guangzhi Shang, Dr. Jeffery Smith, (Giunipero heads up the undergraduate coursework and corporate outreach; Smith in charge of graduate education and research)

Department resources, such as faculty lines, will be assigned based in part on which groups could benefit most in terms of the three key objectives. Also, each group will be asked to report on their initiatives and progress at faculty meetings.


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