Committed to Inclusivity

We’re listening, we care, and we’re ready to act.

We continue to mourn the deaths of so many Black Americans who lost their lives to racial injustice, discrimination, violence and police brutality.

Although this has been an especially painful season of grief for the world, our nation, Tallahassee and the Florida State University community, these issues have plagued our country for a long time, and we must be compelled to make substantive changes.

All of us at the FSU College of Business strive to create meaningful opportunities for all students, faculty and staff members, alumni and the business community with the goal of building a better society.

Moving forward, we will have conversations more often with our students, minority organizations, Black alumni and others invested in our mission to ensure we embrace and provide equal opportunity for our diverse community.

Moving forward, we will ensure our college offers training for faculty, staff and students to learn how to assess and manage bias.

Moving forward, we will ensure that issues related to racism, discrimination and diversity and inclusion are covered in our curriculum and that all students are fully supported.

To our students who feel marginalized or isolated: You are not alone. We support you.

Our college has already begun to work on these and other issues. We welcome your input and feedback. Please send suggestions and concerns to, or complete this online form.

Though we may be socially distanced, we stand firmly together in our resolve to make lasting changes. Let’s start TODAY!

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