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Cassandra Cole
Department Chair, Dr. William T. Hold Professor in Risk Management & Insurance, and Director of MS-RMI


313 RBA

Retirement Plans, Retirement Adequacy, Insurance Regulation and Corporate Governance


Ph.D., University of Georgia (2002)
B.B.A., Howard University (1995)


Retirement Adequacy
Insurance Regulation
Corporate Governance


Cassandra R. Cole is the department chair and Director of the MS-RMI Program. She teaches courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Dr. Cole's articles have appeared in numerous journals including the Journal of Risk and Insurance, the North American Actuarial Journal, Applied Economics, the Journal of Insurance Issues, the Risk Management and Insurance Review, and the Journal of Insurance Regulation. In addition, she has received research grants from Florida State University, the Florida Catastrophic Storm Risk Management Center, the State of Florida, the Department of Labor, and the Journal of Insurance Regulation as well as instructional grants from Florida State University and State Farm Insurance Companies. Dr. Cole has as served as president of Southern Risk and Insurance Association (2012-2013) and chair of the American Risk and Insurance Association’s Membership Committee (2008-2015) and is an active member of the American Risk and Insurance Association, Southern Risk and Insurance Association, and several other organizations. She currently serves as co-editor of the Journal of Insurance Regulation and a member of the Spencer Educational Foundation Board of Directors. 

Cassandra Cole - Vita (PDF)

To read her current and past research, as well as her working papers, please visit Professor Cole's research page on the Social Science Research Network.

Cassandra Cole's Faculty Spotlight



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RMIR Best Perspectives Article Award, American Risk and Insurance Association (2012).



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