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Darren Prum
Assistant Professor of Legal Studies in Business


507 RBA

Legal Studies


J.D., University of Nevada, Las Vegas
M.B.A., University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Grad. Cert. in Accounting, University of Southern California
B.S., University of California, Riverside


Real Estate/Construction Law
Transportation Law
Gaming Law


Mr. Prum comes to The Florida State University after completing several years as a Visiting Lecturer in Business Law and Finance at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and as an Affiliate Faculty member at Regis University's Las Vegas Campus. He taught Legal Environment of Business and Business Law at all three universities, Construction Law, and Personal Finance at UNLV as well as Financial Decision Making and Interpreting Accounting Information at the graduate level at Regis. He also has a wide range of experience in corporate, financial, legal, and general business matters. His background includes many facets of finance and related legal areas. Mr. Prum held financial management positions in all levels of the construction industry (from trade contractor to general contractor to owner's representative to architect/engineer). In addition, he served for several years as the Business Manager for a major defense contractor's $100M division with numerous sites around the world. Mr. Prum is admitted to practice law in all state and federal courts in New Mexico and the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Darren Prum - Vita (PDF)

To read his current and past research, as well as his working papers, please visit Professor Prum's research page on the Social Science Research Network.



  • Prum, D. A. (in press). Greenbacks for Building Green: Does A Lender For Sustainable Construction Projects Need to Make Adjustments To Its Current Practices? Environmental Law, 41 pages.(Lewis & Clark Law School)
  • Prum, D. A. (2013). The Next Green Issue:Considering Property Insurance for the Green Building. Virginia Law and Business Review, 8(1), 421-58. (University of Virginia, School of Law, Lead Article Status)
  • Prum, D. A., & Aalberts, R. J. (2013). Our Own Private Sustainable Community: Are Green Covenants, Conditions, And Restrictions A Viable Alternative To A More Environmentally Sustainable Future For Homeowners? New Mexico Law Review, 43(1), 157-92. (University of New Mexico, School of Law)
  • Prum, D. A., & Medders, L. A. (2012). The Bonds that Tie: Will A Performance Bond Require That A Surety Deliver A Certified Green Building? Hastings Business Law Journal, 9(1), 1-44.(University of California, Hastings College of Law, Lead Article Status)
  • Prum, D. A., & Catz, S. L. (2012). High Speed Rail in America: An Evaluation of the Regulatory, Real Property, and Environmental Obstacles a Project will Encounter.North Carolina Journal of Law & Technology, 13(2), 247-86. (University of North Carolina, School of Law)
  • Prum, D. A. (2012). Green Building Liability: Considering the Applicable Standard of Care & Strategies for Establishing a Different Level by Agreement. Hastings Business Law Journal, 8(1), 33-64. (University of California, Hastings College of Law)
  • Prum, D. A., & Catz, S. L. (2011). Greenhouse Gas Emission Targets and Mass Transit: Can The Government Accomplish Both Without a Conflict? Santa Clara Law Review, 51(3), 935-987.(Santa Clara University, School of Law)
  • Prum, D. A. (2009). Creating State Incentives for Commercial Green Buildings: Did the Nevada Experience Set an Example or Alter the Approach of Other Jurisdictions? William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review, 34(1), 171-207. (College of William & Mary, School of Law)
  • Prum, D. A. (2009). Flight Check: Are Air Carriers Any Closer to Providing Gambling on International Flights that Land or Depart from the United States? Journal of Air Law and Commerce, 74(1), 71-102. (Southern Methodist University, School of Law)
  • Prum, D. A. (2003). Enforcement of Gaming Debt. Gaming Law Review, 7(1), 17-30. (Official Publication of the International Masters of Gaming Law, Lead Article Status)

SSRN Link: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/cf_dev/AbsByAuth.cfm?per_id=1484351




  • 2009-2010 Teaching Award for the Department of Finance, Department of Finance, College of Business, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
  • Featured Faculty Member Representing the Department of Finance, “Research:  From Classroom to Community,” UNLV College of Business Spring/Summer 2009 Newsletter, May 2009.



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