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College of Business Teaching Awards

Nomination Process

The COB Awards Committee selects the award winners from a list of nominees. Current Teaching Awards Committee members are: Jimmy Woodward, Iris Junglas, William Christiansen, Dave Maslach, Marin Mende, Luke Hopkins, and Charles Nyce.

Faculty, staff, students, and former students are eligible to nominate faculty for these awards via online nomination form below. Faculty members are allowed to self-nominate.

Nomination Form

The nominations period opens during the fall semester. Once the nomination period closes, the annual evaluation committees of each of the COB’s academic departments submit one nominee for each annual award. The annual evaluation committees submit nominees for the Distinguished Teaching Award at this time also, though this award is not necessarily awarded annually.

The nomination deadline for all Faculty and Staff award categories will be February 12th, 2019. Award recipients will be announced at the Faculty/Staff Awards Banquet on April 4th, 2019

Criteria for Teaching Awards

Teaching excellence is multi-faceted, involving a wide range of behaviors. The following are included as criteria for all of the College of Business teaching awards. These criteria were adapted from University-level teaching standards and awards criteria.

The teacher:

  1. Is available to students.
  2. Is helpful to and takes a personal interest in students.
  3. Uses creative or innovative instructional techniques.
  4. Is receptive to students' viewpoints and ideas.
  5. Relates his or her field to other disciplines.
  6. Organizes and presents subject matter in ways that interest and stimulate students.
  7. Helps students make discriminating judgments among competing options.
  8. Challenges students' thinking and assumptions.
  9. Helps students grow in intellectual stature and skills.
  10. Provides a positive role model to students regarding the value of a university education.
  11. Inspires students to work hard and to have pride in their work.
  12. Emphasizes the importance of values and standards in both academic and non-academic life.
  13. Imparts a respect for truth and a love of learning.
  14. Finds ways to help students achieve and enhance their self-esteem through the demonstration of mastery.
  15. Encourages students to be critical and discriminating in their learning and educational career.
  16. Shows respect for all persons regardless of gender, age, race/ethnicity, color, religion, creed, nationality, and mental or physical condition.

To receive an award, a nominee must be outstanding on a substantial number of the dimensions. Evidence of these criteria can include but are not limited to the following: student evaluations, difficulty of subject matter, student grade point averages, and the faculty member’s willingness to be flexible, take new assignments, and develop new courses (including online courses).

Please also consider nominating a staff member for a Staff Award.

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