Anti-Racism, Diversity & Inclusion Task Force

The College of Business administration formed the Anti-Racism, Diversity & Inclusion Task Force to engage the faculty, staff and student communities in open dialogue about racism, diversity and inclusion in the college. The purpose of this dialogue is to identify sources of systemic racism and other areas of need, along with ways to improve the diversity climate in the college. Fifteen members serve on the Task Force and represent faculty, staff and students from undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs.

If you have any questions or would like to share anything with the Task Force, please contact Dr. Latrecha Scott, assistant chair of the Task Force, at

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Diverse Alumni-Owned Companies

As part of Diversity in Leaders Week (Feb. 22-25, 2021), the College of Business recognizes its alumni from underrepresented groups who own or have founded a business.

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Task Force Members

Dr. Bruce Lamont, Chair
Department of Management

Dr. Latrecha Scott, Assistant Chair
Center for Professional Success

Victoria BienAime
Graduate Student - MBA

Dr. Shanna Daniels
Department of Management

Gabby Dolan
Undergraduate Student - Accounting

Kimmah Dozier-Burt
Graduate Student - Part-time MBA

Dr. Tatiana Fajardo
Department of Marketing

Chad Marzen, J.D.
Department of Risk Management/Insurance, Real Estate & Legal Studies

Sebastian Ortiz Isaacs
Undergraduate Student - Finance and Economics

Gonzalo Sieiro
Graduate Student - Ph.D. Strategy

Garrett Tumlin
Marketing & Communications Office

Chelsea Vaughn
Office of the Dean

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