Corporate Talent Partners



Whether you are seeking a summer intern or someone to fill a permanent position at your company, the Florida State University College of Business is a smart place to start your search.

Our students learn from world-class faculty members in top-ranked academic programs, as well as
from executives who excel in their industries. When our students graduate, they are prepared to hit the ground running and contribute to your bottom line from their first day on the job.

To learn more, click here or contact Hannah Howard, employer engagement coordinator.



Through active engagement and access to value-added services, our Corporate Talent Partners can
tap into a diverse talent pool of energetic students and the resources of a world-class business
school. Invest in the College of Business at Florida State University and start building your
visibility on campus.

Build a customized partnership to suit your hiring needs and recruiting schedule. Work with our Employer Engagement team to select your partnership level and choose from a variety of unique and innovative recruiting activities to further develop your brand on campus.

To learn more, click here or contact Alex Massey, director of corporate sponsorships.


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