For customized donor recognition, naming opportunities at other giving levels, questions or additional information about the Legacy Hall building campaign, please contact Kim Hankerson, Assistant Dean for Development, at khankerson@business.fsu.edu or 850-228-0642.
$1 Million and Above
•  Name the Building (PENDING)
$15 Million
•  Name a Wing or the Atrium/Lobby
$5 Million
•  Financial Trading Room Suite
$2 Million
•  Roof Garden
$2 Million
•  Exterior Courtyard
$2 Million
•  300-Seat Auditorium
$1.5 Million
•  Bob & Pam Sasser Ballroom
•  Networking Commons w/ Coffee Bar
$1 Million

$500,000 to $999,999
•  150-Seat Auditorium (1 remaining)   
•  Cash Lecture Hall   
  100-Seat Auditorium (SOLD OUT)   $500,000
•  Parrish Owens Auditorium
•  Undergraduate Programs Suite   
•  Graduate Programs Suite   
•  Syn-Tech Systems Student Business Incubator Suite   
•  Distance Learning Suite                

$250,000 to $499,999
•  Learning Commons
•  100-Seat Auditorium (1 available)
  Lasher Auditorium    Funded!
•  75-Seat Graduate Classroom (2 available)
•  65-Seat Undergraduate Classroom (10 available)
•  45-Seat Undergraduate Classroom (SOLD OUT)

Peter & Mary Lee Jones Undergraduate Classroom

Stephen M. Suddath / The Suddath Companies Undergraduate Classroom
35-Seat Computer Lab
•  Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship Suite
•  Gene Taylor/Bank of America Center Suite
•  Carl DeSantis Center for Executive Education Suite
•  Cliff Hinkle Executive Boardroom
•  Faculty and Staff Wellness Center
•  Gary Rogers Dean's Suite
•  Stephen C. Leonard Sales Lab
•  Marvin A. "Mitch" Mitchell Behavioral Lab
•  Retail Experience Lab
•  Distance Learning Studio
•  10-person Recording Studio   $150,000
•  2-person Recording Studio   $100,000
•  The Ostrander Family Florida Catastrophic Storm Risk Management Center Suite
•  Center for Real Estate Education and Research Suite
•  Center for Insurance Research Suite
•  Human Resource Center Suite
•  James C. Owens, Jr. Sales Institute Suite
•  The John & Karen Culver Hospitality Research Center Suite
•  Academic and Behavioral Research Suite
•  Institute for Applied Business Research Suite
•  Professional Development/Career Services Suite
•  Technology Center Suite
•  Academic Department Suite (2 available)
  Fred & Deborah Tresca Accounting Department Suite   Funded!

Jim & Linda Owens Management Department Suite   Funded!
  Les & Ruth Akers Finance Department Suite   Funded!
  The Leung Family Hospitality Administration Department Suite   Funded!
  Russell T. Kohl & Family Marketing Department Suite   Funded!
•  Future Center Suite (4 available)
•  Real Estate Research Lab

$100,000 to $249,999
•  Graduate Commons
•  Masters' Teaching Assistant Office Suite
•  Robert B. Boeneke & Residential Elevators Entrepreneurial Resource Center Suite
•  Dan & Mindy Bass Dean's Office in Memory of Evelyn Bass
•  Marshall S. Cohn Dean's Conference Room
Gary Mudder Faculty Lounge
Theo & Martha Anne Proctor Visiting Executive Lounge
•   Catering Kitchen     $100,000

$10,000 to $99,999  
•   15-Seat Seminar-Style Classroom (SOLD OUT) Funded!
  David & Joan Earnest Skup Classroom in Memory of Robert C. Earnest  Funded!
  SunTrust Classroom A   Funded!

SunTrust Classroom B   Funded!
•  J. Michael ('68) & Judy B. ('67) Pate Faculty Conference Room Funded!
•  Francis J. Nardozza Real Estate Center Conference Room Funded!
•  Regular Conference Room (SOLD OUT)   Funded!
Bishop Family Conference Room   Funded!
  Cole Family Conference Room Funded!

Dr. Homer A. Black Conference Room Funded!
  Frank Family Conference Room Funded!
  Jim & Fay Dever Entrepreneurship Conference Room Funded!
  Kyle D. Riva & Family Conference Room   Funded
  R. Keith & Patricia Duggins Sigmon Career Services Conference Room   Funded!
  Robert Bryson & Martha Strom Bryson Conference Room Funded!
  Robert B. Mang Conference Room Funded!
  Roshan L. Shikarpuri Conference Room   Funded!
•  Associate Dean's Office (1 available) $50,000

Steven J. Mudder Associate Dean's Office Funded!

Mark & Nan Casper Hillis Associate Dean's Office Funded!
Mildred Prescott Miller Visiting Faculty Suite Funded!
•  Team Collaboration Lab (3 available) $50,000
  AgileThought Student Team Collaboration Lab   Funded!

Caryn Beck-Dudley Team Collaboration Lab Funded!
  Deloitte Foundation Team Collaboration Lab    Funded!

Feinberg Family Team Collaboration Lab Funded!

Norman Family Team Collaboration Lab Funded!
  William F. Stephenson Team Collaboration Lab    Funded!
  The Gentlemen of ΠΚΦ, ΠΚΑ, ΦΚΤ, ΦΔΘ, ΦΣΚ & ΣΦΕ Team Collaboration Lab   Funded!
•  Department Chair's Office (SOLD OUT) Funded!
  Alice Puckett Rasmussen Department Chair's Office in Marketing Funded!
  Andrew and Marybeth Rubinacci Dedman School of Hospitality Director's Office    Funded!
  Bill & Lori Harvey Department Chair's Office in Accounting Funded!

Harden/Turner Family Department Chair's Office in Finance Funded!
  John & Shari Lusk Department Chair's Office in Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Information Systems Funded!
  Stephen & Yvonne Brown Department Chair's Office in Risk Management/
Insurance, Real Estate and Legal Studies
  The Rodrick Family Department Chair's Office in Management    Funded!
•  Assistant Department Chair's Office (2 available) $25,000
  Hamic Family Assistant Department Chair's Office In Accounting Funded!
  James A. Harkins III & Family Assistant Department Chair's Office in Marketing Funded!
  Robin J. (Gethings) Buck Assistant Department Chair's Office in Finance Funded!
  Ryan & Elizabeth Dorrell Assistant Department Chair's Office in Management Funded!
  Tim & Paula Gaskin Assistant Department Chair's Office in Risk Management/
Insurance, Real Estate and Legal Studies
  Tribridge Assistant Department Chair's Office in Entrepreneurship, Strategy and
Information Systems
Undergraduate Breakout Room (SOLD OUT) Funded!
   Betsy Evans Undergraduate Breakout Room   Funded!
  Bill Archibald Undergraduate Breakout Room Funded!

Brett & Cynthia Lindquist Undergraduate Breakout Room Funded!
  Chris & Kellie Kraft Undergraduate Breakout Room Funded!

Christopher Iansiti Undergraduate Breakout Room Funded!
  Diahann Wyke Lassus Undergraduate Breakout Room Funded!
  Donna M. Abood Undergraduate Breakout Room Funded!
  Jim & Beth Thielen Undergraduate Breakout Room Funded!
  John A. Acosta Undergraduate Breakout Room Funded!
  Mize Undergraduate Breakout Room Funded!
  Paula Robinson Parker Undergraduate in Accounting Breakout Room Funded!
  The Williamson Undergraduate Breakout Room Funded!
•  Masters Breakout Room (SOLD OUT)     Funded!
  Chuck Hardwick Master of Science in Marketing Breakout Room Funded!
  Drs. Warren B. Nation & Richard M. Baker Master's Breakout Room Funded!
  The Poland Family MAcc Breakout Room Funded!
  The Terry Neill Masters Breakout Room Funded!
  Usina Family Master's Breakout Room   Funded!
  Wayne & Betty Edwards Master's Breakout Room   Funded!
•  Faculty Office (145 available)     $25,000
  Bonderud Family Faculty Office in Marketing     Funded!
  Brock Family Faculty Office in Accounting Funded!
  Bruce Redditt Faculty Office in Marketing Funded!
  Carl & Stephanie Johnson Sales Institute Director's Office Funded!
  Gene Ross Faculty Office in Accounting     Funded!
  Kauffman Family Faculty Office in Accounting Funded!
  Michael and Martha Fields Family Faculty Office in Finance
  Scott & Tiffany Price Faculty Office in Accounting    Funded!
•   Other Offices    $25,000
  Jorge & Diana Azor E-Clinic Office    Funded!
•  Career Services Interview Rooms (SOLD OUT) Funded!

Hall Family Career Services Interview Room Funded!
  Robert & Julie Eichenberg Interview Room Funded!
  The Sussman Family Interview Room Funded!
  Tom & Yvonne McAlpin Interview Room Funded!
•  Public Relations Staff Office (8 available)   $25,000
•  Alumni Engagement Staff Office (6 available)   $25,000
•  Doctoral Student Office (8 available)   $10,000
  Bill & Betty Tanner Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Blake & Jennifer Miles Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Bob & Courtney Coble Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Bruce & Anne Harrell Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Chad E. Colby Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Charles Everidge Doctoral Student Office in Risk Management Insurance
  Christopher P. Tracy Doctoral Student Office in Finance Funded!
  Craig S. West Doctoral Student Office    Funded!
  David R. Zimmerman Doctoral Student Office  Funded!
  Edward Saban Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Erin Ennis Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Fiss Family Doctoral Student Office    Funded!
  Flecia Braswell & Fred McCord Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Gary & Hollis Bliss Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Glenda Gay & John R. Schmitt Management Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Hartline Family Doctoral Student Office   Funded!
  Jim & Susan Scholefield Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  John F. & Jill Wilkinson Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  John Sansom Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Krblich Family Doctoral Student Office    Funded!
  Lisa L. Spooner Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Lynn Dudley Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Matthew & Alicia Simpson Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Matthew H. & Paulette M. Levin Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Michael Dearden Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  O.C. & Linda Ferrell Marketing Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Randolph Grier Campbell Doctoral Student Office Funded!

Rob & Kelly Urban Finance Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Ron & Jennifer Kovanis Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Russell & Cheri Rainey Doctoral Student Office Funded!
  Steve Celec Doctoral Student Office Funded!

Under $10,000
•  Legacy Wall Donor Plaque
  Adrienne Kelley  
  Andrew & Diane Helms (BS ACG ’93 & MACC ’94)    
   Andrew & Kimberly Rolf    
  Angus & Maureen Morrison  

Benjamin Rhyne Jones  

Bill Delahanty  
  Bill McConnell  

Bobby & Demory Boeneke  
  Bonnie Royce Stanley    
  Brett & Cynthia Lindquist  
  Broward County Seminole Club  

Chad E. Colby  
  Charlie A Jackson: CAJ Technical and Consulting Services  

Chris & Kellie Kraft  
  Christopher E. Iansiti  

Craig & Mitzi Lynch  

D. Michael Carter, CPA, 1974  
  Dr. Lynn Dudley & Dean Caryn Beck-Dudley  

Edward Sabin  

Frank Terence  
  In Memory of Amy Rose Grabina    
  Insurance Specialty Group - Atlanta, GA    
  J. Michael (BS ’68) & Judy B. (’67) Pate  
  Jack Kerigan: Kerigan Marketing Associates, Inc.  
  Janine M. Budzius  
   Jared and Jenifer Policastro
  Jeanne Marie Boswell and John D. Boswell C/O '76    
  Jim & Beth Thielen  
  Jim & Kellie J Meyers  
  Jimmy C. Cole  

John B. Thomas, III  
  John, Lorena, Rebekah, Catherine and Jason Husum    
    Jose A. Ortiz

Kerri Corn  
  Mark & Nan Casper Hillis  

Mark A. Johnson, Ph.D. & Elizabeth A. Stoops  
  Mark Demont  
  Mary Ann (McGraw) & Terrence L. Burns  
  Martin & Sabrina Mayhew  

Mike Dodson  
  Phi Kappa Tau  
  Philip R. Engelmann, CLU,ChFC: MetLife Premier Client Group of Florida    

Recent Alumni Board  

Rick and Joanne Astor  

Robin J. (Gethings) Buck  

Roya & PJ (BS '99) Corbley  
  Ryan S. Hersch  
  Scott Bakotic, Accounting 1991    
  Scott & Tiffany Price  
  Shaun & Tanya Davis  
  Stephen & Alice Harrell    
  Steve & Hillary May  
  Steve Cunningham & Monica Whitehair Cunningham  
  Steve Cunningham, Legacy Underwriters, in Memory of Thomas E. Jackson  
  Steven J. Mudder  
  Terry & Mary Jo Godbold  
  Wayne & Angela Messam  
  Zakir N. (Zak) Odhwani    

All room sizes and quantities are tentative until full architectural renderings are available. For customized donor recognition, naming opportunities at other giving levels, questions, or additional information about the Legacy Hall project, please contact:

Kim Hankerson
 Assistant Dean of Development
College of Business
Florida State University
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Tallahassee, FL 32306-1110
(850) 228-0642 office/cell
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