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MAY 2017

Faculty spotlight on management’s David Maslach

Title: Assistant Professor and Dean's Emerging Scholar

Education: Ph.D., Management, Western University, Ontario, Canada; M.S., Management Science/B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Industry experience: Prior to joining academia, I held positions in scientific programming, developing chemical and fluid-flow simulations. I also have worked in public policy as an inside consultant for Ontario’s healthcare budget, one of the largest healthcare budgets in North America. I also am currently building r3ciprocity.com, a peer proofreading and editing platform.

Current professional leadership/service: I founded and organize several academic conferences, serve as an ad-hoc reviewer for various journals, including Organization Science, Management Science and Strategic Management Journal, and have won many reviewing awards for annual conferences.

Most recent honor:  2017 College of Business Core Values Award recipient.

Areas of expertise: I study how firms learn about the risks of failure (i.e., problems, errors, flaws and malfunctions) and how firms deal with these risks as they innovate. My primary focus is on firms that design and manufacture advanced technologies because firms at the frontier of science and technology are most exposed to the risks of failure. 

Most recently published:  “Change and persistence with failed technological innovation,” Strategic Management Journal, 2016.

The practical implications of my research: My research as a whole has direct impacts on our understanding of how organizations can (or cannot) improve based on experience.

This area interests me because:  I am hoping to use r3ciprocity.com to incentivize people to be altruistic. I can see this being a legitimate way for writers, academics and students to get peer feedback in an easy and fun way, while reducing the incentive for people to use gray-market essay writing services. My intention is to give back a percentage of the profits to create doctoral student scholarships in behavioral science. I also want to improve the validity of organization science by allowing researchers to use it for A/B experiments to explore how organizations work, something that was physically impossible before the advent of this now common software technique.

Why students should consider a career in strategic management: They can learn to be a futurist by forecasting long-run trends and how to develop a plan to do something about it. Many fields of study are “backwards looking” because they only identify what people have said about different ideas in the past, but in strategy, students learn how to look to the future for simple arbitrage opportunities that are feasible.

I appreciate COB alumni involvement because: Much of our faculty’s research could not be performed without the help of alumni. One of the things I noticed when I first moved to FSU was the strength and support of FSU’s alumni community. Alumni support truly does help with our position at the cutting-edge of research, either through assistance sharing ideas with others within our community or through additional funding.

Private giving to the college is important because: Private giving is transformative. The College of Business is one of the most productive research groups in the country and provides an excellent student experience. In my own experience, gifts given to groups who are already doing wonderful things have a tendency to make these recipients even more remarkable.

My community involvement includes: I get tremendous joy participating in my son’s sports and Cub Scouts activities. Cub Scout tenting on the Daytona International Speedway was a highlight of my winter this year!

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