Allen Bathke

Associate Professor
Allen Bathke
419 RBA
Academic Specialty
Financial Accounting and Reporting

Ph.D, Business Administration, Florida State University
M.S., University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
B.S., University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee               

Areas of Expertise

Capital Market Research
Earnings Forecasts
Time Series of Accounting Earnings               

Dr. Allen Bathke is an associate professor in the Department of Accounting at Florida State University’s College of Business. In his role as a faculty member, Bathke has taught at the doctoral, master’s and undergraduate levels. He is the recipient of Florida State University’s Undergraduate Teaching Award, Beta Alpha Psi Outstanding Professor Award and University Teaching Incentive Award. He has chaired Ph.D. dissertations and served on many doctoral dissertation committees. 

Bathke’s research has been published in various journals, including The Accounting Review, The Journal of Accounting Research, The Journal of Accounting and Finance and Advances in Accounting, among others. He has presented his research at professional meetings and other universities. He also has served as a reviewer for various journals, including The Accounting Review and Advances in Accounting

Bathke received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and his Ph.D. in business administration from Florida State University.

Selected Published Research

Bathke, A. W., Jr., R.M. Morton, M. Notbohm  and T. Zhang,  "Objective Estimation versus Subjective Perceptions of Earnings Patterns and Post-Earnings-Announcement-Drift " (2014) Accounting and Finance.

Lorek, K. S., G. L. Willinger and A. W. Bathke, Jr., "Statistically-Based Quarterly Earnings   Expectation Models for Nonseasonal Firms" (2008) Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting 31: pp. 105-119.

Bathke, A. W., Jr., K. S. Lorek and G. L. Willinger, "The Security Market's Reaction to Firm's Quarterly Earnings Evidencing Varying Degrees of Autocorrelation" (2006) Advances in Accounting, Volume 22, pp. 29-43.

Bathke, A. W. Jr., K. S. Lorek, and G. L. Willinger, "Differential Earnings Behavior and the Security Market Assessment of Variation in Seasonal Earnings Patterns." (2004) Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance 19: 463-483.

Baginski, S. P., A. W. Bathke Jr., and J. M. Hassell, "Evidence of the Security Market's Ex Ante Assessment of Differential Management Forecast Accuracy," Advances in Accounting (1995), pp. 39-59. 

Bathke, A. W., Jr., J. M. Hassell and J. Lukawitz, "Relative Accuracy of Quarterly Earnings Forecast Announcements," Advances in Accounting (1991), pp. 19-33.

Bathke, A. W., Jr., K. S. Lorek and G. L. Willinger, "Firm-Size and the Predictive Ability of Quarterly Earnings Data," The Accounting Review (January 1989), pp. 49-68.

Bathke, A. W., Jr., R. L. Rogers and J. J. Stern, "The Security Market Reaction to Tax Legislation as Reflected in Bond Price Adjustments," The Journal of the American Taxation Association (Spring 1985), pp. 37-49.

Bathke, A. W., Jr., and K. S. Lorek, "The Relationship Between Time Series Models and the Security Market's Expectation of Quarterly Earnings," The Accounting Review (April 1984), pp. 163-176.

Lorek, K. S. and A. W. Bathke, Jr., "A Time Series Analysis of Nonseasonal Quarterly Earnings Data," Journal of Accounting Research (Spring 1984), pp. 369-379.

Interesting Facts

Professor Bathke is a Wisconsin Native. He enjoys college football, college basketball, professional football, traveling, movies and time with friends.

Honors and Awards

University Teaching Award, 2009, 2003, 1997
Beta Alpha Psi Outstanding Professor, 2001, 1997, 1994
University Teaching Incentive Award, 1996, 1993