Chad Marzen

American General Insurance Associate Professor of Insurance Law
Chad Marzen
521 RBA
Academic Specialty
J.D., Saint Louis University
B.A., Grinnell College
Areas of Expertise

Insurance Law
Tort Law
Crop Insurance               

Chad Marzen is the American General Insurance Associate Professor of Insurance Law at Florida State University in the College of Business, where he has taught courses such as The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business, UCC and Law for Accountancy, and the Legal and Political Aspects of Insurance. 

Marzen is an author or co-author of approximately 54 published or forthcoming academic articles. His authored or co-authored articles have been published or are forthcoming in journals such as the Baylor Law Review, Oklahoma Law Review, Syracuse Law Review, San Diego Law Review, Saint Louis University Law Journal, Oregon Law Review, Mississippi Law Journal, University of Louisville Law Review, West Virginia Law Review, Albany Law Review, Pace Law Review, Vermont Law Review, North Dakota Law Review, University of Dayton Law Review, Journal of Insurance Regulation, Harvard Journal on Racial & Ethnic Justice, New York University Journal of Law and Business, New York University Journal of Law & Liberty, Virginia Environmental Law Journal, Virginia Law & Business Review, Journal of College of University Law, Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy, Boston University Public Interest Law Journal, Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review, Brigham Young University Journal of Public Law, North Carolina Journal of International Law, Fordham Environmental Law Review, William & Mary Environmental Law & Policy Review and the William & Mary Business Law Review, among others. He has served as an expert witness on three crop insurance cases in federal court and has presented on federal crop insurance issues at the Boston College Law School, Creighton University School of Law and the University of North Dakota School of Law. He is a recipient of the 2013 Distinguished Scholar Award from the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association, the 2019 Professional Scholarship Award from the American Agricultural Law Association and a 2020 University Undergraduate Teaching Award from Florida State University.

Marzen has been interviewed by outlets as varied as the Washington Times, Associated Press, National Catholic Reporter and Investopedia. He also appears in the cast of the documentary film Hot Money (2021), directed by Susan Kucera and featuring Academy Award-winning actor Jeff Bridges.

He received a B.A. from Grinnell College in 2005 and a J.D. from Saint Louis University in 2008. Marzen practiced in an insurance defense law firm in Omaha, Nebraska, prior to his appointment at Florida State University. He is a member of the state bars of Iowa and Nebraska.

Selected Published Research

Marzen, C. & Conklin, M., “Stagflation in American Jurisprudence,” Pace Law Review _____ (forthcoming, 2021) (lead article)

Marzen, C., “Coronavirus Liability: Lessons from the H1N1, Ebola and Zika Crises,” Wayne Law Review _____ (forthcoming, 2021) (symposium issue)

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-    Professional Scholarship Award, American Agricultural Law Association

Marzen, C., “The 2018 Farm Bill: Legislative Compromise in the Trump Era,” Fordham Environmental Law Journal, Volume 30, Issue 3, pgs. 49-91 (2019) 
-    Finalist, Environmental Law Paper Award, Academy of Legal Studies in Business, 2019

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Marzen, C., “Home Warranty Regulation Through the Lens of Florida’s Home Warranty Statute: Claims, Issues and Remedies,” University of Louisville Law Review, Volume 55, Issue 1, pgs. 1-24 (2017) (lead article)

  • Article reprinted in: Dib, Albert, H., ed., Legal Handbook for Architects, Engineers and Contractors, Volume 34, pgs. 410-437 (Thomson Reuters, 2018)

Marzen, C. & Ballard, G., “Climate Change and Federal Crop Insurance,” Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review, Volume 43, Issue 2, pgs. 387-410 (2016) 

  • Recognized as one of Top 20 law review articles for the year in environmental law by the Environmental Law & Policy Annual Review, 47 Envtl. L. Rep. News & Analysis 10649 (August, 2017)
  • Listed as reading in ENV5410 syllabus, “Modern Farm Bill 2017,” taught during the Summer 2017 term at Vermont Law School

Marzen, C., “Bankruptcy and Federal Crop Insurance,” Virginia Environmental Law Journal, Volume 34, Issue 3, pgs. 328-346 (2016) (lead article)

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  • Cited in January 29, 2019 letter from Dr. Kristina M. Johnson, Chancellor of The State University of New York to United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos regarding proposed Title IX regulations

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Honors and Awards
  • Florida State University Undergraduate Teaching Award (2020)
  • Professional Scholarship Award, American Agricultural Law Association (2019)
  • 2014 Ralph J. Bunche Award for Outstanding International Business Law Paper, Academy of Legal Studies in Business, August 2014 (awarded with Professor Robert Aalberts and Professor Darren Prum)
  • Distinguished Scholar Award, Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association, 2013. Award was presented by Rear Admiral (ret.) Robert C. Marlay, Ph.D., at the 2013 Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association Board of Directors meeting in Washington, D.C.