David Humphrey

Fannie Wilson Smith Eminent Scholar in Finance
 David Humphrey
530 RBA
Academic Specialty
Banking and Payment Systems

Ph.D., Economics, University of California (Berkeley), 1969
M.A., Economics, San Diego State University, 1963
B.A., Economics, San Diego State University, 1962

Areas of Expertise
Banking and Payment Systems 

David Humphrey is the F.W. Smith Eminent Scholar in Banking at Florida State University and a Visiting Scholar at the Payments Cards Center at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. He has taught at three universities and previously worked at the Federal Reserve for sixteen years. His publications have focused on banking and payment system issues. He received his PhD from the University of California (Berkeley).

Selected Published Research

1. "Cost Savings from Check 21 Electronic Payment Legislation", Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 45, October 2013: 1415-29 (R. Hunt, joint author).

2. "Bank Competition Efficiency in Europe: A Frontier Approach", Journal of Banking and Finance, 34, August 2010: 1808-1817 (W. Bolt, joint author).

3. "The Effect of Transaction Pricing on the Adoption of Electronic Payments: A Cross-Country Comparison", International Journal of Central Banking, 4, March 2008: 89-123 (W. Bolt and R. Uittenbogaard, joint authors).

4. "Opening the Black Box: Finding the Source of Cost Inefficiency", Journal of Productivity Analysis, 27, March 2007: 209-220 (S. Carbo and R. Lopez, joint authors).

5. "Scale Economies, Bank Mergers, and Electronic Payments: A Spline Function Approach", Journal of Banking and Finance, 28, July 2004: 1671-96 (B. Vale, joint author).

6. "Efficiency of Financial Institutions: International Survey and Directions for Future Research", European Journal of Operational Research, April 1997, 175-212 (A. Berger, joint author).  Republished in J. Hall (ed.), The Regulation and Supervision of Banks, Elsevier Science Ltd., 2000, and in P. Harker and S. Zenios (eds.), Performance of Financial Institutions, Cambridge University Press, 2000.

7. "The Role of Fixed Costs and Cost Complementarities in Determining Scope Economies and the Cost of Narrow Banking Proposals", Journal of Business, July 1993, 437-62 (L. Pulley, joint author).

8. "Measurement and Efficiency Issues in Commercial Banking", in Zvi Griliches (Editor), Output Measurement in the Service Sectors, National Bureau of Economic Research, Studies in Income and Wealth, Volume 56, University of Chicago Press, 1992, 245-79 (A. Berger, joint author).

9. "The Dominance of Inefficiencies Over Scale and Product Mix Economies in Banking", Journal of Monetary Economics, August 1991, 117-48 (A. Berger, joint author).

10. "Payments Finality and Risk of Settlement Failure", in Technology and the Regulation of Financial Markets, Anthony Saunders and Lawrence White (Editors), Lexington Books/Solomon Brothers Center Series on Financial Institutions and Markets, New York, 1986, 97-120.

Honors and Awards

Ekonomie hedersdoktorer, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden October, 2000 (honorary doctorate in Economics).

Interesting Facts

I have taken up target shooting as a non-economic activity.