Willy Bolander

Carl DeSantis Professor of Marketing
Willy Bolander
351 RBB
Academic Specialty
Selling and Sales Management

Ph.D., University of Houston
B.B.A., Kennesaw State University

Areas of Expertise

Interpersonal Influence
Selling and Sales Management
Implementing Change in Organizations

Dr. Willy Bolander is the Carl DeSantis Professor of Marketing in the Dr. Persis E. Rockwood School of Marketing at Florida State University’s College of Business. He also is actively involved in the FSU Sales Institute. Bolander teaches courses in selling and sales management to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as participants in the college’s executive education programs. Most importantly, his students have gone on to build successful careers in some of the world's top sales organizations. 

Bolander’s research focuses on interpersonal influence and implementing change in organizations and has been published in various academic outlets, including the Journal of Marketing. His insights have also been featured in a variety of non-academic business publications, including YFS Magazine, Advantages, The Military Times Edge and the 850 Magazine, discussing topics such as building trust with customers, objection handling, dealing with problem clients and increasing sales during a sluggish economy. 

Bolander received his bachelor’s degree in business administration is from Kennesaw State University and his Ph.D. in marketing is from the University of Houston.

Selected Published Research

Additional details are available at: http://willybolander.com/research/

Major Publications

  • Bolander, Willy, Nawar Chaker, Alec Pappas, and Daniel Bradbury (2021), “Operationalizing Salesperson Performance with Secondary Data: Aligning Practice, Scholarship, and Theory,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 49 (3), 462-481.
  • Hochstein, Bryan, Willy Bolander, Ronald Goldsmith, and Christopher R. Plouffe (2019), “Adapting Influence Approaches to Informed Consumers in High-Involvement Purchases: Are Salespeople Really Doomed?,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 47 (1), 118-137.
  • Fajardo, Tatiana M., Claudia Townsend, and Willy Bolander (2018), “Toward an Optimal Donation Solicitation: Evidence from the Field of the Differential Influence of Donor-Related and Org.-Related Information on Donation Choice and Amount,” Journal of Marketing, 82 (2), 142-152.
    • Finalist for the AMA-EBSCO Responsible Research in Marketing Award, 2021.
  • Plouffe, Christopher R., Willy Bolander, Joseph A. Cote, and Bryan Hochstein (2016), “Does the Customer Matter Most? Exploring Strategic Frontline Employees’ Influence of Customers, Business Partners, and the Internal Sales Team,” Journal of Marketing, 80 (1), 106-123.
    • Awarded AMA’s Sales SIG Research Excellence Award, 2017.
  • Bolander, Willy, Cinthia Satornino, Doug Hughes, and Gerald Ferris (2015), “Social Networks within Sales Organizations: Their Development and Importance for Salesperson Performance,” Journal of Marketing, 79 (6), 1-16.
    • Lead article for issue.
    • Awarded AMA’s Sales SIG Research Excellence Award, 2016.
  • Boichuk, Jeffrey P., Willy Bolander, Zachary R. Hall, Michael Ahearne, William J. Zahn, and Melissa Nieves (2014), “Learned Helplessness among Newly Hired Salespeople and the Influence of Leadership,” Journal of Marketing, 78 (1), 95-111.
  • Ahearne, Michael, John Mathieu, Son K. Lam, and Willy Bolander (2010), “Why Are Some Salespeople Better At Adapting to Organizational Change?,” Journal of Marketing, 74 (3), 65-79.
    • Featured as a “Research Brief” in Academy of Management Perspectives, August 2010.


Other Publications

  • Hochstein, Bryan, Willy Bolander, Brett Christenson, Alexander Bolton Pratt, and Kristy Reynolds (2021), “An Investigation of Consumer Subjective Knowledge in Frontline Interactions,” Journal of Retailing, forthcoming.
  • Munyon, Timothy P., Rachel E. Frieder, Cinthia B. Satornino, Andrew M. Carnes, Willy Bolander, and Gerald R. Ferris (2021) “Selling Your Network: How Political Skill Builds Social Capital and Enhances Salesperson Performance,” Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, forthcoming.
  • Lussier, Bruno, Nathaniel N. Hartmann, and Willy Bolander (2021), “Curbing the Undesirable Effects of Emotional Exhaustion on Ethical Behaviors and Performance: A Salesperson-Manager Dyadic Approach,” Journal of Business Ethics, 169, 747-766.
  • Dugan, Riley, Deva Rangarajan, Lenita Davis, Willy Bolander, Ellen Bolman Pullins, Dawn Deeter-Schmelz, Joel LeBon, and Raj Agnihorti (2020), “Sales Management, Education, and Scholarship Across Cultures: Early Findings from a Global Study and an Agenda for Future Research,” Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 40 (3), 198-212.
  • Liu, Yongmei, Bryan Hochstein, Willy Bolander, Kevin Bradford, and Barton A. Weitz (2020), “Internal Selling: Antecedents and the Importance of Networking Ability in Converting Internal Selling Behavior to Salesperson Performance,” Journal of Business Research, 117, 176-188.
  • Dugan, Riley, Maria Rouziou, and Willy Bolander (2020), “The Case for Hiring Neurotic Salespeople: A Longitudinal Growth Modeling Analysis,” Journal of Business Research, 116, 123-136.
  • Bolander, Willy, Cinthia Satornino, Alexis Allen, Bryan Hochstein, and Riley Dugan (2020), “Whom to Hire and How to Coach Them: A Longitudinal Analysis of Newly Hired Salesperson Performance,” Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 40 (2), 78-94.
    • Lead article for issue.
    • Awarded the JPSSM Marvin Jolson Award for Best Contribution to Practice, 2021.
  • Hochstein, Bryan and Willy Bolander (2018), “The Disruptive Impact of Customer Engagement on the Business-to-Consumer Sales Force,” In R.W. Palmatier, V. Kumar, and C.M. Harmeling (Eds.), Customer Engagement Marketing, 203-218. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Bolander, Willy, and Keith Richards (2018), “Why Study Intraorganizational Issues in Selling and Sales Management,” Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 28 (4), 621-635.
  • Hochstein, Bryan, William J. Zahn, and Willy Bolander (2017), “Exploring the Unintended Negative Impact of an Ethical Climate in Competitive Environments,” Marketing Letters, 28 (4), 621-635.
  • Bolander, Willy, Riley Dugan, and Eli Jones (2017), “Time, Change, and Longitudinally Emergent Conditions: Understanding and Applying Longitudinal Growth Modeling in Sales Research,” Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 37 (2), 153-169.
  • Holmes, Yvette, Lauren Beitelspacher, Bryan Hochstein, and Willy Bolander (2017), ““Let’s Make a Deal:” Price Outcomes and the Interaction of Customer Persuasion Knowledge and Salesperson Negotiation Strategies,” Journal of Business Research, 78, 81-92.
  • Bolander, Willy, William J. Zahn, Terry Loe, and Melissa Clark (2017), “Managing New Salespeople’s Ethical Behaviors during Repetitive Failures: When Trying to Help Actually Hurts,” Journal of Business Ethics, 144 (3), 519-532.
  • Bolander, Willy, Leff Bonney, and Cinthia Satornino (2014), “Sales Education Efficacy: Examining the Relationship Between Sales Education and Sales Success,” Journal of Marketing Education, 36 (2), 169-181.
    • Recognized as the best sales paper published in the Journal of Marketing Education, 2014.
  • Plouffe, Christopher R., Willy Bolander, and Joseph A. Cote (2014), “Which Influence Tactics Lead to Sales Performance?  It's a Matter of Style,” Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 34 (2), 141-159.
Interesting Facts

Willy lives in Tallahassee, FL with a small army of brilliant (and mostly adopted) children. In his free time he plays sports with his kids, practices guitar, and works with other foster and adoptive families on projects to support current foster families and recruit new families into the foster system. In a previous life, he played guitar in punk rock bands (and his back is still paying for it today!)

Honors and Awards
  • Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management’s Marvin Jolson Award for Best Contribution to Practice, 2021.
  • Finalist, American Marketing Association-EBSCO Responsible Research in Marketing Award, 2021
  • Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science Outstanding Reviewer Award - 2017
  • American Marketing Association Sales SIG Research Excellence Award – 2015, 2016.
  • Florida State University Junior Faculty Research Productivity Award – 2016.
  • Marketing Educator’s Association, Best Sales Paper in the Journal of Marketing Education – 2014.
  • Florida State University College of Business Emerging Scholar Award – 2014.
  • Florida State University Core Values Award – 2014.
  • Florida State University First Year Assistant Professor Research Award – 2012.
  • Honorable Mention, Academy of Marketing Science/Mary Kay Doctoral Dissertation Competition – 2011.
  • Jesse Jones Dissertation Completion Scholarship – 2011.
  • Finalist, Institute for the Study of Business Markets Doctoral Dissertation Award Competition – 2010.
  • University of Houston Graduate Teaching Excellence Award – 2010.