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American Marketing Association Student Chapter (AMA)
The mission of the AMA student chapter is to further the professional development of students through leadership training and involvement in the field of marketing. The AMA is a valuable key to success when exploring the many dimensions of marketing as a career. Interested students of all majors are welcome.

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Association for Information Systems (AIS) Student Chapter
The AIS is a professional student organization whose purpose is to serve as the premier organization for students majoring in Management Information Systems. AIS serves society through the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of excellence in the information systems industry.

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Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting (ALPFA)
ALPFA is an organization whose benefits extend beyond campus borders. It is a nationwide network of students and professionals all of whom work to carry out one mission – providing opportunity. With regular workshops, conferences and conventions covering everything from resume building to investment strategy, ALPFA provides the tools necessary for students to develop as both professionals and individuals.

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Case Competition Club
The Case Competition Club forms travel teams to compete in global competitions, as well as holding an annual Florida State University internal case competition, which is open to all Florida State students. Students participating in this organization develop analysis and presentation skills, which help increase their competitiveness in their job search.

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Consulting Group
The Florida State University Consulting Group is a not-for-profit, entirely student-run consulting firm based out of the FSU College of Business.

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Cryptocurrency Club
Our mission is to educate students about the future, technology, potential uses and the economic impact related to Blockchain and cryptocurrency through presentations, discussions, and research.

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Doctoral Business Students Association (DBSA)
Doctoral study at Florida State University is a highly collegial experience that involves considerable interaction among doctoral students and faculty. The DBSA brings business doctoral students together to coordinate both academic and social planning to make this interaction effective. It provides a forum for providing input to the Ph.D. Policy Committee on program design, academic policies and procedures and general student issue. The DBSA also schedules social events throughout the academic year involving doctoral students, faculty and their families.

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Financial Management Association (FMA)
The mission of the FMA is to broaden the common interests between academicians and practitioners and provide opportunities for professional interaction between and among academicians, practitioners and students. It also promotes the development and understanding of basic and applied research and of sound financial practices and enhances the quality of education in finance.

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Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)
ISACA is a global organization for information governance, control, security and audit professionals, and as a student, you will join a community of more than 1,000 students in more than 300 universities worldwide. ISACA engages in the development, adoption and use of globally accepted, industry-leading IS knowledge and practices. It helps its members achieve individual and organizational success, resulting in greater trust and value from information systems.

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Institute of Management Accountants Student Chapter
The Institute of Management Accountants Florida State Student Chapter is a community dedicated to connecting the accounting, financial, and business student bodies on campus. Our chapter engages in various activities including spreading the word about IMA on campus, sponsoring talks and discussions with local business leaders, provide community service, helping students make career decisions and explore new opportunities.

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International Business Association (IBA)
The IBA is dedicated to preparing its members for a career in international business. Through corporate tours, current events discussions, community service and fundraising, the IBA provides a way for members to network and learn about exciting careers in the field of international business.

Master of Science in Finance (MSF) Student Association
The MSF Student Association promotes camaraderie between students, fosters relationships with the alumni and provides students with resources to support their professional development and career search. The association organizes a series of social events that encourage interaction between current students, faculty and recent graduates. It also provides a forum where students can share information and advice on career opportunities through speaker events, information sessions, online exchanges, mentor programs, resumé reviews, and practice interviews.

MBA Association (MBAA)
The MBA Association is a graduate student organization dedicated to improving the academic and social experience of graduate students in the College of Business.

Minority Business Society (MBS)
The primary goals of the MBS are to increase the retention ratio of graduating minority students, to aid employers in the identification and recruitment of prospective employees, and to assist in the professional and personal growth of minority students. The MBS offers developmental programs, such as academic forums and academic enrichment activities, and sponsors corporate presentations and seminars. Its programs give employers an opportunity to informally interact with students.

National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)
The mission of NABA is to address the professional needs of its members and to build leaders who shape the future of the accounting and finance profession with an unfaltering commitment to inspire the same in their successors.

Panamanian Student Association (PSA)
The organization was formed in 2012 to establish a communication link among all Panamanian students at FSU. In addition to helping with its members' assimilation to the community, PSA also performs volunteer activities allowing its members to make an impact on the Tallahassee community during their time at FSU.

Phi Beta Lambda - FSU Chapter of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA-PBL)
Despite its Greek name, Phi Beta Lambda is not a fraternity or sorority. Rather, it is the largest professional student business organization of its kind, with over 250,000 members worldwide. Phi Beta Lambda aims at professionally developing its members into competent, assertive business leaders who are ready for placement in the business world after graduation. The organization focuses on three critical aspects of development: service, education, and progress. Activities include: professional-development workshops, state and national leadership conferences and competitive events, and corporate informational and networking workshops/sessions.  Phi Beta Lambda is a continuation of the high-school-level organization Future Business Leaders of America.
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Presidents Council
The Presidents Council is composed of the undergraduate student groups' presidents. The Council ensures important information is shared between the various student groups so all undergraduate business students are aware of professional development opportunities that may benefit them. The Council also serves as the primary mechanism for information to flow between the Dean's Office and the college's undergraduate student groups. The Presidents Council encourages professional behavior among undergraduate business students and typically sponsors one major student activity each year designed to increase students' knowledge of workplace expectations.

Real Estate Society
The purpose of the Real Estate Society is to provide opportunities for members to enhance their knowledge of the real estate industry through first-hand activities and contact with real estate professionals in a variety of fields.

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Sales Club
The mission of the Sales Club is to improve members' understanding of sales as a profession and to provide the opportunity to sharpen their selling skills. The organization also promotes the Professional Sales major and creates superior access to careers in selling.

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Securities Society
The Securities Society recruits intrinsically motivated students who are committed to global markets, furtherance of each other’s professional growth and harnessing financial mastery. The organization aims to provide Florida State University students a hands-on experience in security analysis and portfolio management.

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Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Student Chapter at FSU
Florida State's student chapter of SHRM is focused on building a stronger human resource professional by giving students a glimpse beyond the classroom experience and into the real world of work and HR. The SHRM provides stronger HR professionals by providing information on career options, career preparation, assistance in finding employment and social interaction for its student members.

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Student Leadership Council (SLC)
The Student Leadership Council serves as a liaison group between the Board of Governors, the Dean's Office, alumni of the College of Business and the College of Business Student Body. The Council is composed of discipline-specific, exemplary business students with the purpose of advancing the College of Business to preeminent status in alignment with the vision of the Dean and the Board of Governors. The SLC administers mentoring programs, faculty-student networking nights, and many other student-focused initiatives.

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Willow Partners
Willow Partners is an undergraduate business society that is managed by a group of business seniors with investment banking experience. The society was started in 2015 to place students in highly selective internships/full-time positions with Wall Street companies such as Barclays, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs. The group targets freshmen and sophomores who demonstrate real interest and promise in investment banking and wealth management.

Women in Accounting
The mission of Women in Accounting is to inform women of the various opportunities in the accounting field, connect them with potential employers and to aid in turning those opportunities into careers. They are dedicated to providing members with the knowledge, leadership skills and professionalism desired in the business world today.

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Women in Business (WIB)
Women in Business strives to promote an awareness of the dynamic role of women in today's business environment and provides a forum for developing a critical discourse of that role. The organization serves as a developmental education and networking tool between students, faculty, staff, and business professionals alike. Throughout the year, WiB hosts guest speakers, workshops, community service activities, professional social activities, and a conference to facilitate unique networking and learning opportunities.

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Business Fraternities

Alpha Kappa Psi
Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders. It is a co-ed professional business fraternity that focuses on professional development and networking while supporting the local community through a variety of service projects.

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Beta Alpha Psi
Beta Alpha Psi is an honorary organization for financial information students and professionals. The primary objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field, which includes promoting the study and practice of accounting, finance and information systems; providing opportunities for self-development, service and association among members and practicing professionals; and encouraging a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility.

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Beta Gamma Sigma
Beta Gamma Sigma is the international honor society serving business programs accredited by AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Beta Gamma Sigma's mission is to encourage and honor academic achievement in the study of business, to foster personal and professional excellence, to advance the values of the society and to serve its lifelong members. Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest recognition a business student anywhere can receive in an AACSB business program, and membership requires a 3.8 overall GPA.

Delta Sigma Pi
Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities and to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice. The organization promotes closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.

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Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS)
GIS is an international risk management, insurance and actuarial science collegiate fraternity consisting primarily of business students majoring in risk management and insurance, but is open to students of all majors. The purpose of GIS is to provide opportunities for members to advance their insurance industry knowledge through professional activities and networking with practitioners. It also provides opportunities for social contacts and mutual encouragement of members toward achievement of their career goals.

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