College of Business Summer 2021 FAQs

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General Questions

Will the college’s classes be offered face-to-face or remote in the spring? How did the university and College of Business make this decision?

Although many courses in the College of Business will be offered remotely or online this spring (see definition of remote and online classes in the Course Delivery section), we have made every effort to offer more in-person classes for the spring while complying with CDC and university social distancing protocols. As we are a very large college, our decisions continue to be based on reducing population density for the entire campus. We are mindful of our faculty, staff and students who are potentially susceptible to COVID-19. Many of FSU's other colleges face similar issues and we are committed to offering students face-to-face classes where appropriate and feasible.

FSU’s spring plan was designed in close coordination with the state university system, the Florida Department of Health and local officials, among others. It closely follows FSU’s fall 2020 plan, which you can see online.

The decision to eliminate Spring Break was done out of a concern for public health. It would not be wise to have everyone disperse for Spring Break and then return to campus. On a positive note, the semester will end one week early.

I don’t want remote courses. How can you ensure students receive quality instruction during the spring?

While most students and faculty members prefer face-to-face instruction, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a situation where public health must take priority. The College of Business has a long history of providing exceptional online education in addition to our face-to-face offerings. In fact, we have been doing it successfully for more than 16 years.

The college will provide additional assistance with respect to tutoring, support from teaching assistants and continuing opportunities for student engagement, as well as connections with alumni and corporate recruiters. In short, we are committed to ensuring that all students receive a quality business education.

Are there changes to the normal academic calendar for spring?

All College of Business courses will follow the university’s academic calendar and course schedule during spring 2021. Courses in other colleges may follow a different calendar or course schedule. Please check with those colleges for further information.

Course Delivery

What is the difference between online and remote courses?

An online course is one that was originally designed and scheduled for online delivery. These courses follow specific university standards to ensure quality and are often supported with teaching assistants (mentors) and specialized technology. These courses typically charge additional distance learning fees to offset the increased costs associated with designing and delivering the course. Additional costs include those associated with instructional designers, specialized training, media production services, lab software and teaching assistants.

A remote course is one that was designed and scheduled for on-campus, face-to-face delivery, but was switched to remote instruction due to an emergency (such as the COVID-19 pandemic or a hurricane). While the university and college incur additional expenses to offer remote courses, these courses do not have additional distance learning fees. The university and college absorb these costs to prevent students from paying additional, unexpected fees for remote courses during the emergency situation.

If I must take an online course because the courses I need have limited seats available, will I be required to pay distance learning fees?

Students enrolled in online courses will be required to pay the associated distance learning fees. Online courses have increased costs associated with their design and delivery (see above). You can learn more about FSU’s distance learning policies at this FAQ page.

If courses originally scheduled to be offered face-to-face are switched to being offered remotely, will students be charged an extra distance learning fee for the course?

While the university and college incur additional expenses to offer remote courses, these courses will not have added distance learning fees. The university and college absorb these costs to prevent students from paying additional, unexpected fees for remote courses during the emergency situation.

What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous courses?

Synchronous courses (either wholly or in part) are designed to take place at specific dates and times. Synchronous learning refers to a learning event where students engage in learning at the same time. Instructors provide materials, lectures, assignments, quizzes or exams that are accessed at specific dates and times.

Asynchronous courses (either wholly or in part) are designed so that course requirements can be completed at any date or time. Asynchronous learning refers to a learning event where students engage in learning at different dates and times. Instructors provide materials, lectures, assignments, quizzes or exams that can be accessed at any date or time. Students may be given a specific timeframe to complete learning events, but students do not necessarily complete them at the same date or time.

How will the College of Business help students who do not have access to a quiet space for classes/exams?

Most instructors will provide recordings for students so they can watch lectures at times that work best for their schedules and environments. For proctored exams, depending on the window of availability, students can access Honorlock anytime throughout the day (24/7) to provide better accommodations in terms of schedule and environment. If students have specific circumstances, they should reach out to their instructors to discuss specific options that are available including possible alternative testing times.

Keep in mind that the instructor has the ultimate decision on what constitutes an appropriate testing environment within Honorlock. While it is preferred that you ask those in the household to be quiet while you take an exam, we understand that with small children this might be difficult. Please alert your instructor before the exam if you think this will be a problem. They are likely to work with you or at least be aware that there may be an Honorlock flag they will need to review.

With many courses being remote or online, will faculty members hold in-person office hours?

Faculty members will continue to hold office hours remotely for remote and online courses. If you have a face-to-face course, the faculty member may have an in-person option for office hours. Please check with your instructor or look in the course syllabus for guidelines.

With many courses being remote or online, will the College of Business computer labs be open for use?

Computer labs in the College of Business will not be open for face-to-face usage this spring. However, they will be available remotely. We have worked with faculty who use these labs to ensure students have access to the specialized software and resources they need. If you are a student in one of those courses, please work with your instructor to access these resources.

If you have technology needs such as a computer for class or homework, please reach out to Case Management Services for assistance at (850) 644-9555 or

I don't have consistent access to a computer at home. Is the university or College of Business offering materials for students in this position?

Please review the university’s Guide to Online Learning that provides a lot of useful information. If you are experiencing a financial hardship related to acquiring the appropriate technology, please contact Case Management Services at

Will FSU be using Honorlock again for testing?

Yes, Honorlock will continue to be the official tool for proctored testing until the campus fully reopens. If you will be on campus this spring, please be advised that the Testing Center will be open but with extremely limited capacity due to social distancing guidelines. In general, remote classes will not be able to have their students tested in the Testing Center.

What if I lose my internet connection during a quiz or exam?

You should attempt to reconnect to the quiz or exam session as soon as the internet connection is re-established. If the quiz or exam timer has not run out, you should be able to resume where you left off. If the quiz or exam timer has run out, you should refer to the syllabus for makeup policies and reach out to your instructor as soon as possible with detailed information about the issue you experienced.


Will I be able to complete a face-to-face internship for credit this spring?

To ensure the safety of our students, we will only provide academic credit for a verified virtual/remote internship during the spring semester. Please see an academic advisor if you need help replacing the internship for credit course.

Professional Sales majors can take the alternate course to replace the required internship. For other options, Professional Sales majors should consult with the Department of Marketing

How can the college help students who lost their internships?

Please see the academic advising team. We have different options for various majors to help replace this credit and meet graduation requirements.

Undergraduate Academic Advising

How can I meet with an academic advisor?

The Undergraduate Advising Office is open during normal business hours. However, remote advising through Zoom will remain the preferred and primary way to obtain the fastest assistance possible. You may also email our office with questions ( or call our office at (850) 644-3892.

Remote Advising

(strongly preferred and recommended for fastest service)

Due to the extremely high demand during drop/add, we will offer drop-in remote advising for the first week of summer A/B sessions and during the first week of summer C session. Scheduled advising appointments will be available for all other dates of the semester.

May 10-14 and June 21-25
Drop-in advising through Zoom from 9:00-4:00

All remaining dates
Drop-in advising through Zoom from 9:00-10:45
Scheduled advising through Zoom from 11:00-4:00

Please note that you MUST use your FSU Zoom account to access the Zoom advising links. Remote advising (Zoom) appointments can be scheduled through your FSU portal ( by clicking on the CC icon. This will open a separate window for Campus Connect. In Campus Connect, click on the blue “Get Advising” button and continue to schedule your appointment.

In-Person Advising

In the vast majority of cases, your advising questions and concerns can be addressed remotely through Zoom in either a drop-in or scheduled appointment. If you feel the need to meet with an advisor in person, please complete this form. You will receive information about your scheduled appointment or a solution to your issue in a confirmation email.

When visiting our office, we ask that you are mindful of social distancing and the University recommendation for masking while indoors.

I am not a student in the College of Business but would like to change my major to one of the business majors. How can I schedule an appointment for changing my major?

You can request an appointment for changing your major through Campus Connect or you can email from your FSU email account to request the major change.. Be sure to include the major within the College of Business you are interested in pursuing. You can also visit our drop-in advising Zoom using the link listed in the question above.

I am graduating this semester. How do I apply for graduation?

Students who will be earning 120 hours in the summer will be able to apply for graduation during the application period, May 17-28, 2021 though your FSU portal. The link can be found in your “My Academics” tab during the application period. You should only apply if you are completing ALL graduation requirements. If you believe you are meeting all graduation requirements but the link is not available, please email from your FSU email account.

I am graduating this semester and missed the deadline to apply for graduation. What can I do?

Please email from your FSU email account to request being manually added to the graduation list. Be sure to include how you want your name to appear on your diploma and the mailing address for your diploma.

I have difficulty with online learning and my GPA has dropped below what is needed to get into the College of Business. Is there flexibility or an appeals process?

Students who feel they have extenuating circumstances are always welcome to appeal admission to the college. These students should provide a detailed letter explaining their issues to the College of Business advising office that will be shared with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. You may submit these requests to

Student Organizations

Can I still participate in student organizations if I am taking only remote or online classes and am not physically in Tallahassee?

Yes, we encourage you to continue participating with organizations you are currently involved with or seek out those you are interested in joining.

How will student organization and club meetings work during the summer semester? Will these be remote or face-to-face meetings?

The majority of student organizations do not regularly meet over the summer.  For meeting information, contact the respective organization to determine whether they are holding meetings this summer and, if so, whether they will be remote or face-to-face.

Will student organizations and clubs be allowed to hold in-person events? If so, what guidelines will our organization have to follow in order to hold events like networking opportunities and/or career fairs?

Registered student organizations (RSOs) may plan limited in-person events, which may be possible outdoors with social distancing and possibly indoors, if adequate space is available. However, allowable events will be based on the type of event and the number of members in the organization. All members present at in-person events will be required to follow university policies, such as wearing face masks. For additional information and to view all policies visit the main university's COVID FAQ page at

Can student organizations reserve rooms in Rovetta for meetings and events this summer?

The Rovetta Building (RBA and RBB) will not be available for student organization meetings or events during the summer semester. Many of the classrooms and spaces in Rovetta will be used to establish necessary social distancing for face-to-face classes. Student organizations planning in-person events in accordance with university policy will need to schedule available space on campus through Student Activities and the proper RSO scheduling procedures.

If student organizations are unable to hold meetings or events on campus, can they schedule them at off-campus venues?

We do not endorse or encourage scheduling face-to-face meetings or events off-campus. If student organizations choose to hold meetings or events off campus, they must abide by all university policies and procedures, including social distancing and maximum participant guidelines.

Meetings and events will need to be discussed with your organization’s advisor and other appropriate university personnel before scheduling to ensure compliance with policies.

College of Business funds are not available to use to secure offsite facilities for meetings or events.

If student organizations hold face-to-face meetings or events, will they have to refrain from serving refreshments during the summer semester due to health concerns?

Per university policy at this time, no open food or beverage sources, like buffets, are permitted. If refreshments are served, they must be single servings and prepackaged.

Will guest speakers be able to speak at student organization meetings and events? Will these speakers be required to meet with us remotely or can they come to speak in-person?

We encourage you to continue inviting our alumni, employers and other guests to speak at your meetings. Please remember that all guests will need to adhere to current university policies regarding social distancing.  For additional information and to view all policies visit the main university's COVID FAQ page at

Keep in mind that at this time many employers still have travel restrictions in place, so your invited guests may not be able to visit Tallahassee or campus this summer.

As a client-based student organization, will we be able to meet with our clients during the summer semester or will we have to interact with them remotely?

Students are allowed to travel within the Tallahassee area.  However, all travel must be pre-approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs.  Please work with your advisor to determine your anticipated travel schedule and submit it to the VP for approval before meeting offsite.

Building Access & Engagement/Event Opportunities

Will students be able to go into the College of Business building for meetings, to study, etc.?

The College of Business will not be able to provide meeting/study space during the summer semester. We encourage students to look to the library or other areas on campus that have the space and resources to allow socially distanced studying and group meetings. Registered student organizations are encouraged to use Zoom or contact the Student Union for on-campus space needs.

When will the university be open for tours and visitors?

The FSU Visitor Center continues to offer virtual tours and admission information sessions. However in-person, guided walking tours resume on June 1. Register for an in-person or virtual tour through the Visitor Center.

What will events look like this summer? Will we be allowed to have on-campus meetings or activities?

Events sponsored by the College of Business will be held in-person beginning Fall 2021. Please visit the college’s online calendar for further information about events.

The Jim Moran Institute will hold some small business events in a face-to-face format. Please visit the Institute’s website for more information.

Registered student organizations (RSOs) may plan limited in-person events, which may be possible outdoors with social distancing and possibly indoors, if adequate space is available. However, allowable events will be based on the type of event and the number of members in the organization. For additional information and to view all policies visit the main university COVID FAQ at: Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions - Florida State University News (

The Rovetta Building (RBA and RBB) will not be available for student organization meetings or events during the summer semester.

How will recruitment events work during the summer semester?

The College of Business will host in-person recruitment events beginning the Fall 2021 semester.

How will job/internship seeking events, such as Seminole Futures, be held so students continue to have one-on-one interactions with employers prior to interviewing?

The College of Business will host in-person recruitment events beginning the Fall 2021 semester. For Career Center services, please visit


How do we greet people without shaking hands in the world of business?

It is perfectly acceptable to acknowledge people verbally without making physical contact.

Are students required to disclose their COVID-19 status or wear a mask on campus? If a student thinks they have been exposed to someone who may have COVID-19 or they think they might have COVID-19 themselves, who should they contact?

All students, faculty and staff are required to wear masks on campus, especially in buildings. 

All students, faculty and staff are recommended to wear masks on campus, especially in buildings.

Students should report they have tested positive for COVID-19 using the university’s official process or contact University Health Services. This will allow the university to better track the impact of COVID-19 on our campus community and to enable telehealth monitoring and case management services as needed.

Severely ill students in the Tallahassee area should call 911 or a hospital emergency department directly:

  • Tallahassee Memorial Hospital: (850) 431-0911 
  • Capital Regional Medical Center: (850) 325-5000 

Students not in the Tallahassee area should call 911 or a local hospital emergency department directly.

Students who do not require hospital admission should remain in isolation in their off-campus residence. On-campus students who test positive will be moved to Rogers Hall.

Per current CDC guidance, clearance to return to campus or a residence hall will be determined by being free of symptoms for 14 days and a negative COVID-19 test.

Graduate Programs

My graduate courses are being taught remotely this spring. How will that affect my assistantship?

Based on current HR guidelines, we will honor assistantship offers for spring 2021 subject to immigration constraints. We anticipate the same will be true for summer 2021. We are awaiting HR guidance related to continued remote work, since graduate assistants are considered employees of the university.

What is the policy related to group work in graduate courses?

Group work is an important part of graduate education and experience working in teams is a requirement of virtually all employers. Our faculty have tremendous experience in online and remote education and have found effective ways to facilitate this process for over 16 years. Whether your program is online, in person or remote, we will give you the tools you need to successfully work with your peers in this environment.

What is the guidance related to social gatherings of graduate students?

At this time, graduate students will not be allowed to use space in the College of Business for student gatherings and meetings. In accordance with university policy, we suggest meetings and events be held remotely on Zoom or Microsoft Teams when at all possible.

Will the GMAT/GRE exam waiver continue for the spring semester?

The university-wide waiver of graduate entrance exams applied only to the fall 2020 semester. Some colleges extended the waiver for spring 2021, but not the College of Business. If you are applying for spring 2021 or beyond, you may still qualify for an exam waiver under our normal waiver policy.

When and where is graduate orientation?

You will receive information about remote orientations for The Graduate School, the College of Business (mandatory) and, if applicable, the FSU Center for Global Engagement’s orientation for international students. If you are a graduate assistant, you will also receive information regarding the Program for Instructional Excellence’s mandatory TA training, which will be held online.

Other Questions

I live abroad and cannot travel to the United States, but one or more of my courses are being taught in-person. Can I receive accommodations to keep my spring courses and take them remotely? Will international students be allowed to enroll in online or remote courses?

Most College of Business graduate courses will be taught remotely in the spring; however, this is a rapidly changing situation. International students will be placed in available face-to-face business courses as required. Please contact your academic advisor for more information.

The FSU Center for Global Engagement’s, through their virtual connection tool, can also provide up-to-date information. Their immigration experts can advise you on your specific situation.

Can I enroll in classes at another institution while taking remote classes at FSU this spring?

Due to specific graduation requirements, College of Business students must receive permission to take upper-division courses at another institution. Other types of courses could be taken at other institutions. Please speak with one of our academic advisors for more information.

Will FSU make students pay for parking if classes are remote and we only need to come to campus occasionally?

Campus remains open and operational, so parking lots are being monitored and parking rules are being enforced.

As stated by FSU Parking & Transportation Services: “Unlike other university services which pay for same-semester access to things such as on-campus lodging and dining, university fees at Florida State and other public universities contribute to long-term operating and infrastructure costs rather than to provide immediate or short-term access to goods and services. These long-term costs include the construction of campus facilities, including parking garages and lots, and the acquisition and maintenance of assets like bus systems and bicycle programs. Many of the long-term costs associated with FSU Parking & Transportation Services are fixed, such as the debt service for our garages around campus. As a result, we are unable to issue refunds or suspend payroll deductions for parking permits during this period of social distancing and remote instruction.”

Will Leach be open and other FSU facilities?

Refer to the Leach website for details.

Will the libraries be open?

Refer to the FSU Libraries website for details.

What if I cannot get my immunization records to the university? Will they be needed if classes are remote?

The university is aware of the challenges students may be experiencing in obtaining immunizations during the pandemic. University Health Services will provide temporary deferments to allow for class registration. Deferments are approved on a case-by-case basis. If you are unable to meet your immunization requirement, please contact the UHS health compliance staff to see if you qualify for a deferment (

Do all State of Florida public universities have to follow the same schedule or set of rules?

Each university’s plan was developed in concert with the reopening blueprint developed by the SUS Board of Governors (BOG). That blueprint expressly recognizes that each of the 12 state universities is unique and that each will require a different plan:

“Each university has a dedicated mission with unique strengths and characteristics, and it is important to recognize that each campus community has an extraordinary environment that includes students from all regions of the state, nation, and world. The distinctiveness of each university community makes it critical that every university plan prioritizes the health and well-being of all students, faculty, staff, vendors, volunteers, and visitors, particularly as all institutions continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.”

All universities in the state system submitted fall reopening plans to the SUS Board of Governors on June 23. You can read FSU’s plan online. FSU’s plan, like all plans in the system, were extended to the spring semester with modifications in the number of face-to-face courses offered.

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