10 Summer Business Reads

If you are looking for a few good business-related reads over the summer, consider 10 books suggested by Trip Wyckoff, Florida State University’s Business and Entrepreneurial Outreach Librarian. Wyckoff has been an adviser to several business information companies, including Dun & Bradstreet, Morningstar and Penton Publishing. His selected books, listed below with their publisher’s descriptions, cover myriad topics, from financial frauds that shaped the accounting profession and creating value with Big Data to disruptions of the global supply chain and the science of meetings.

FSU Researchers receive grant to study risk exposure of citizens property insurance corporation

Florida State University’s Florida Catastrophic Storm Risk Management Center with the College of Business has received a $265,696 grant from Citizens Property Insurance Corporation to study its business.

FSU Survey Reveals Covid-19's Impact On Small Business, Nonprofits

A survey of small businesses by Florida State University researchers has found that 15.2 percent of those studied have closed their doors permanently as a result of the COVID-19 shutdown.

Florida faces new challenges during hurricane season in light of COVID-19

Dr. Jack Nicholson – Every year, Florida is faced with the start of the North Atlantic Hurricane season on June 1 that lasts until the end of November. This year, however, is different. The world is in a pandemic for the first time in practically everyone’s lifetime. This could have a significant impact on how Floridians prepare and recover from a hurricane event. For one thing, social distancing is difficult in a hurricane shelter.

Mining time-sensitive data on businesses efforts to instill consumer confidence

Dr. Noyan Ilk and Dr. Guangzhi Shang – The survival of businesses impacted by social distancing relies not only on cash infusions in the short-term, but also on reviving the consumer demand for their products/ services in the long-term. Reviving consumer demand is especially important for avoiding a total economic collapse at a macro-level after the imminent threat of the pandemic has been overcome (Shefrin 2020) …

Scammers seeking to profit from fraudulent COVID-19 cures and treatment

Chad Marzen - There is no known cure for COVID-19 but that hasn’t stopped Chad Marzen, opportunists from looking to capitalize off people’s fears.

New director named for James M. Seneff Honors Program

Luke Hopkins, the assistant chair of the Department of Marketing and an associate lecturer, has been named the new director of the Florida State University College of Business’ highly competitive and prestigious James M. Seneff Honors Program.

FSU waives GMAT requirement for June 1 master’s applicants

Understanding that the COVID-19 pandemic complicates business as usual, Florida State University has dropped its GMAT admission requirement for fall master’s degree applicants.

Not Only Not Good Enough... Maybe Not Good At All: Why Empathy is the Wrong Way to Deal with Office Politics

The novel coronavirus pandemic has assaulted the way people live and work and the impact will be felt for years, according to research by Wayne Hochwarter, the Jim Moran Professor of Management at Florida State University College of Business.