No. 5-ranked Real Estate Program 'turbocharged' for preeminence

You can chase the rankings. Or, you can let the rankings chase you. "We think the rankings are important," said Dean Gatzlaff, a longtime faculty member and leader of the Real Estate Program at Florida State University's College of Business. "They're important to our college, administration, alumni and students, and they certainly generate a lot of interest in our program."

A 'welcome back' from Dean Hartline

Happy New Year and welcome to 2022! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. A new year brings new hope, new energy and renewed excitement for what lies ahead.

College pursues opportunities in the business of health care

Blake Renfro, director of Business Development for the Florida State University College of Business, presents a simple yet substantial message in conversations with leaders of Florida's health-care industry. "I always say, 'What if a research university were your strategic business partner and talent development and economic development partner?'" he says. Without question, the college is embarking on new partnerships in health care.

Faculty member takes the temperature of the housing market

News reports have described it as "hot," "overheated" and even "scorching."

We're talking about residential real estate, which sustains double-digit price increases in a reported three-quarters of U.S. markets.

It's not only a Florida phenomenon. It's a fact in Austin, Anaheim and Atlanta as well.

And that's not all.

Students tout Legacy Hall for its potential to 'elevate'

An impressive site to network and jump-start careers. A spacious location to study, collaborate and aim high. A state-of-the-art place that will propel the college forward. Business students say they think the construction of Legacy Hall will provide a long list of benefits with an overarching result: launching the college to new heights.

Expert tips for businesses in times of a tech outage

Lance Kerwin, who once worked in information technology and served Fortune 500 clients such as The Walt Disney Company, reflected Wednesday on any company’s decision to start using a cloud-computing platform and service.

President McCullough: ‘Dedicated’ to building Legacy Hall

Florida State University President Richard McCullough hailed the rise in the national status of the College of Business and emphasized a continued march to preeminence – with an appeal to donors for construction of Legacy Hall, the college’s future home.

Legends and Leaders: ‘You want to be extraordinary’

You might have heard about hundreds of staffing-related flight cancellations at American Airlines on the last weekend of October.

Anne Hamilton of The Walt Disney Company certainly heard about them.

“Our phones were ringing off the hook,” she said.

Delving into supply, demand, computer chips, holiday gifts and more

We’ve seen long lines of ships waiting to unload their freight in Southern California ports.

We’ve seen empty grocery-store shelves, including in aisles for pet food and canned goods. We’ve seen vacant car lots and backorders of household appliances from a worldwide shortage of semiconductor chips.

No. 1-ranked RMI program, supporters consider view from the top

When you’re No. 1, you see everything from a lone and lofty perspective.

“You’re on top of this mountain,” explained Dr. William T. Hold, a 2012 inductee into the FSU College of Business Alumni Hall of Fame. “If you can be No. 1 enough times, you become the mountain. That’s where you want to be.”