Master's Degrees

Florida State University’s College of Business offers you a graduate education with a solid return on your investment. Our graduate degrees provide internationally acclaimed career development carried out with individual attention, including:

  • Lectures infused with the latest research findings on best business practices. Our courses are taught by full-time faculty members, many with industry experience.
  • Degree delivery options that offer you the flexibility to work at your own pace. You can complete your degree two classes at a time while working full time. Or, you can choose to jump-start your future earnings potential by completing your master’s degree at an accelerated pace.
  • Collaborative classroom environments – on campus or online – that foster entrepreneurial thinking, teamwork and turning challenges into profitable solutions.
  • Opportunities to add even more value to your chosen degree with a major, concentration or specialization in an expertise we know companies are demanding.
  • Bottom line, we have a program to fit your interests and equip you to succeed in your chosen industry. Request more information through our online form today.