Student Team Collaboration Lab


Members of student teams who want to use the room must first have a Usage Agreement on file with the College. The agreement must be signed by the student and a faculty sponsor of the team and then given to Jolene Hazelwood in the Dean’s Office (RBA 314). Once a student has a signed Usage Agreement on file, he or she may make room reservation requests here. The student will receive an e‐mail either confirming or denying the request.

Questions about the room may be submitted to

The Student Team Collaboration Lab is a dedicated space for undergraduate and graduate students who are members of College of Business student groups to collaborate on projects or team‐based assignments. The room can seat up to ten students at a time and has multiple technologies available to facilitate group work and to help students sharpen their skills.


The east wall of the room of the room has a very large touchscreen monitor with an integrated computer running software designed for a touch interface (see image below). This screen can be used by students giving presentations to other students live in the room, to others in remote locations spanning the globe, or for recording for practice and evaluation. The latter two uses are be made possible by a high‐quality camera that located on the wall opposite of, and facing, the screen. 

Additionally, the integrated computer is equipped with collaboration software that allows students to wirelessly share their devices’ screens for all to see. The software works with Macs, PCs, and mobile devices.

The west wall of the room has two large screens that are connected to a collaboration station that can facilitate up to six devices (see image below). The station provides simple, reliable hardware connectivity for students wanting to share their devices’ screens with others on their team, and provides a variety of connectivity options to cover virtually any type of device on any platform. With two screens, either two students could share content simultaneously, or one could share content on both screens. Any student wanting to take over sharing would do so by simply pressing a button.