Finance is critical in today's economy and business environment. The effective allocation of resources and capital management can separate the most successful corporations from those that are bankrupt and insolvent. At Florida State University, specializing in finance provides exposure to multiple areas, such as capital markets, corporate financial decision-making, portfolio management and financial risk management. It also opens up career opportunities with tremendous earning potential.

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The study of finance at Florida State is enhanced by the department’s Student Investment Fund and Trading Room, which provide experience in the real world of finance by training students in financial modeling and portfolio management – and giving them an edge in the competitive job market of Wall Street investing. Students are encouraged to enrich their education with the college’s internship program and exchange/international programs. Many networking and leadership opportunities are available through student organizations and department events. Additionally, the Student Leadership Council sponsors several networking events and student engagement programs to assist students in the transition from college to careers. Generous department and college-wide scholarships help support students along the way.


Finance faculty members are widely recognized for producing high-quality, innovative research and several are acknowledged worldwide as experts in their fields. Presently, faculty members work in a variety of areas in finance including corporate, portfolio management, capital markets, hedging, financial institutions, payment systems, behavioral, international and policy issues. Their research is enhanced through the department’s centers, as well as research focused conferences and events. In addition to being active in a wide spectrum of scholarly research, faculty members maintain a reputation as being among the most well-respected teachers on campus, according to student evaluations and university commendations.

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Department Chair Dr. Don Autore
MSF Program Director Andrew Schrowang
MBA Program Director Dr. Darren Brooks
Interim Combined Pathways Director Dr. William Christiansen
Doctoral Program Director Irena Hutton
Course Manager James Endress