Don Autore

Dean L. Cash Associate Professor of Finance
Don Autore
511 RBA
Academic Specialty
Corporate Finance

Ph.D., Finance, Virginia Tech, 2006
MBA, Finance, University of Central Florida, 2000
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Central Florida, 1998

Areas of Expertise

Seasoned equity offerings
Short sales
Analyst recommendations

Dr. Don M. Autore is the Dean L. Cash Associate Professor of Finance in the Department of Finance at Florida State University’s College of Business. He teaches courses in investments, econometrics and financial management, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and is a recipient of FSU’s College of Business Undergraduate Teaching Award. Autore’s research interests span a variety of topics in corporate finance and investments, including corporate equity issuances and repurchases, security analysts, short selling and blockchain technology. His work has been published in numerous finance journals such as the Review of Corporate Finance StudiesJournal of Corporate FinanceJournal of Financial Markets, Journal of Banking and FinanceJournal of Financial Intermediation and Financial Management. Since 2012, Autore has served as director of the annual Florida State University SunTrust Beach Conference. 

Autore earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA from the University of Central Florida. His Ph.D. in finance is from Virginia Tech.

Selected Published Research

“Skewness preference and seasoned equity offers” with Jared Delisle, Review of Corporate Finance Studies 5 (September 2016), pages 200-238.

"The effect of securities litigation on external financing" with Irena Hutton, David Peterson, and Aimee Hoffmann Smith, Journal of Corporate Finance 27 (August 2014), pages 231-250.

"The impact of institutional quality on initial public offerings" with Tom Boulton, Scott Smart, and Chad Zutter, Journal of Economics and Business 73 (May–June 2014), pages 65-96.

"Investor recognition and seasoned equity issuers" with Tunde Kovacs, Journal of Corporate Finance 25 (April 2014), pages 216-233.

  • Winner of the Outstanding Corporate Finance Paper at the Eastern Finance Association 2012 meeting

"Executive compensation structure and the motivations for seasoned equity offerings" with Eric Brisker, Gonul Colak, and Dave Peterson, Journal of Banking and Finance 40 (March 2014), pages 330-345.

"Changing the rules again: Short selling in connection with public equity offers" with Dominique Gehy, Journal of Banking and Finance 37 (June 2013), pages 1974-1985.

"Accelerated equity offers and firm quality" with Irena Hutton and Tunde Kovacs, European Financial Management 17 (November 2011), pages 835-859.

"The 2008 short sale ban: Liquidity, dispersion of opinion, and the cross-section of returns of U.S. financial stocks" with Randall Billingsley and Tunde Kovacs, Journal of Banking & Finance 35 (September 2011), pages 2252-2266.

"Does Rule 10b-21 increase SEO discounting?" Journal of Financial Intermediation 20 (April 2011), pages 231-247.

"Equity issues and temporal variation in information asymmetry" with Tunde Kovacs, Journal of Banking & Finance 34 (January 2010), pages 12-23.

"Intended use of proceeds and the long-run performance of seasoned equity issuers" with David Bray and David Peterson, Journal of Corporate Finance 15 (June 2009), pages 358-367.

"Do analyst recommendations reflect shareholder rights?" with Tunde Kovacs and Vivek Sharma, Journal of Banking & Finance 33 (February 2009), pages 193-202.

"Information uncertainty and auditor reputation" with Randall Billingsley and Meir Schneller, Journal of Banking & Finance 33 (February 2009, lead article), pages 183-192.

"The revival of shelf-registered corporate equity offerings" with Dilip K. Shome and Raman Kumar, Journal of Corporate Finance 14 (February 2008), pages 32-50.

Honors and Awards

2012 Outstanding Corporate Finance Paper award at the 2012 Eastern Finance Association meeting

College of Business Summer Research Grant, Florida State University (2009-2013)