Don Autore

Department Chair and Dean L. Cash Professor of Finance
Don Autore
311 RBA
Academic Specialty
Corporate Finance

Ph.D., Finance, Virginia Tech, 2006
MBA, Finance, University of Central Florida, 2000
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Central Florida, 1998

Areas of Expertise

Seasoned equity offerings
Short sales
Analyst recommendations

Dr. Don M. Autore is the Department Chair and Dean L. Cash Professor of Finance in the Department of Finance at Florida State University’s College of Business. He teaches courses in investments, econometrics and financial management, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and is a recipient of FSU’s College of Business Undergraduate Teaching Award. Autore’s research interests span a variety of topics in corporate finance and investments, including corporate equity issuances and repurchases, security analysts, short selling and blockchain technology. His work has been published in numerous finance journals such as the Review of Corporate Finance StudiesJournal of Corporate FinanceJournal of Financial Markets, Journal of Banking and FinanceJournal of Financial Intermediation and Financial Management. Since 2012, Autore has served as director of the annual Florida State University SunTrust Beach Conference. 

Autore earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA from the University of Central Florida. His Ph.D. in finance is from Virginia Tech.

Selected Published Research

"Confidential Marketing in Seasoned Equity Offers" with Timothy Jones, Tunde Kovacs, and David Peterson, Journal of Corporate Finance 68, 2021.

  • Semi-finalist, Best Paper in Financial Markets, Financial Management Association meeting

"Blockchain Speculation or Value Creation? Evidence from Corporate Investments" with Nicholas Clarke and Danling Jiang, Financial Management 50, 2021, pages 727-746.

  • Winner of Award for “Top 3 Papers published in Financial Management”

"The Pre-Holiday Corporate Announcement Effect" with Danling Jiang, Journal of Financial Markets 45, 2019, 61-82.  

"Activist Investors and Open Market Share Repurchases" with Nicholas Clarke and Baixiao Liu, Journal of Banking and Finance 107, 2019.

"Short interest as a Signal to Issue Equity" with Dominique Gehy, Irena Hutton, and Danling Jiang, Journal of Corporate Finance 48, 2018, pages 797-815.

"Skewness Preference and Seasoned Equity Offers" with Jared Delisle, Review of Corporate Finance Studies 5, 2016, pages 200-238.

Honors and Awards

Winner of Award for “Top 3 Paper” published in Financial Management, 2021

Winner of the College of Business Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2017

Winner of the Outstanding Corporate Finance Paper Award, Eastern Finance Association meeting, 2015

Best Paper in Financial Markets (Semi-finalist), Financial Management Association meeting, 2012

Best Paper in Investments (Semi-finalist), Financial Management Association meeting, 2010