Combined Bachelor's/Master's Pathways

The College of Business offers select undergraduate majors the option of accelerating their studies and getting a head start on graduate school. Combined bachelor's/master's pathways allow prospective students to substitute specific graduate coursework for undergraduate classes and double count that coursework toward requirements for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Students are eligible if they have a 3.4+ GPA overall, a 3.2+ GPA overall in upper-division coursework and 3.2+ GPA in discipline-specific upper-division coursework. Completing graduate coursework before undergraduate graduation equips students with advanced skills needed for better internships and employment opportunities. Eligible students also may benefit by applying remaining undergraduate Bright Futures award toward a portion of the graduate coursework tuition and fees that are being counted toward both degrees. In some cases, combined pathway students will be able to shorten their overall time in school.

The College of Business offers two combined pathways:


Apply to a combined pathway before registering for senior-level coursework.

Undergraduate students admitted to one of the college’s combined pathways will still need to apply for the master’s degree program during their senior year.

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