Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) advances the preeminence of the College of Business and promotes student engagement, collaboration and connection both within the college and among the broader stakeholder community. The mission of the Council is built in alignment with the goals of the college's dean and the College of Business Board of Governors.

The SLC is comprised of approximately 20 discipline-specific, exemplary business students representing each of the departments within the College of Business. The SLC assists with administration of mentoring programs, faculty-student networking events and other student-focused initiatives within the college. Members meet bi-weekly to discuss council business, participate in professional development activities and engage in service projects.

Meet the Members

Natalie Faith Timm

Grad Year: Spring 2023
Majors: Real Estate and Finance

What is an interesting fact about you?
I run a travel account on Instagram, giving tips and tricks while traveling. I have been to 40 different countries.

What are your top three study tips?
My top three study tips are: 1) Plan your week; 2) Treat school like your job, so you are not doing work after hours (for example, I wake up at 8:00 am and work until 5:00 pm to get all of my work done); and 3) Care about what you are learning.

Ashley Crisafulli

Executive Vice President
Grad Year: Spring 2023
Majors: Human Resource Management and Psychology

What is an interesting fact about you?
My absolute favorite TV show is Friends, and I have watched it seven times through.

What are your top three study tips?
1) Make flashcards when you can
2) Do not procrastinate. While this is a common study tip, it is also really important; and
3) Utilize study guides if you have them, and if not, make your own.

Corinne Kasten

VP of Communications & Development
Grad Year: Spring 2023
Major: Marketing

What is an interesting fact about you?
I have dual citizenship in New Zealand and the United States.

What are your top three study tips?
My top three study tips are to study in increments, and not all at once; plan out your time and make a checklist; and find a setting that motivates you.

Lauren Slifer

VP of Operations
Grad Year: Spring 2023
Majors: Management Information Systems and Marketing

What is an interesting fact about you?
I have the goal of completing a half marathon each year, and I have completed three so far!

What are three events at FSU that you can't miss out on?
You should never miss out on FSU football games, Women in Business Meeting or Market Wednesdays.

Karly Cantrell

VP of Programming
Grad Year: Spring 2024
Majors: Finance and International Affairs

What is an interesting fact about you?
I am almost 6'2' tall.

What are your top three study tips?
My top three study tips are: 1) Create to-do lists; 2) Make quizlets while learning the information, and not just right before the exam; and 3) Attend any review sessions or office hours held by professors or TAs.

Serena Barker

Grad Year: Spring 2024
Major: Management

What is an interesting fact about you?
Louis Tomlinson is my favorite member of One Direction. I could definitely recite most of his interviews.

What is your favorite FSU tradition?
I love the fountains on campus. I am looking forward to jumping into the Westcott Fountain on my 21st birthday.

Brittney Rainelli

Grad Year: Spring 2023
Major: Management

What is an interesting fact about you?
Growing up with a dad in the Secret Service, my family has become family friends with President Bush, and we attend his Christmas party each year.

What has been your favorite memory as a College of Business student?
Coming to Florida State during the unprecedented times of COVID-19, my favorite memory is returning to in-person classes. I've also enjoyed getting to network with my peers and engage with numerous organizations such as the American Marketing Association and the Peer Connect Program.

Nicholas Sanchez

Grad Year: Spring 2023
Major: Marketing

What is an interesting fact about you?
I was born in Lima, Peru and lived there until I was 2-years old. I'm fully bilingual, and visit Peru all the time!

What is your favorite FSU tradition?
I love the spirit of game day. I love to wake up early, put on a garnet and gold outfit and spend the day tailgating with friends!

Ross Scaglione

Grad Year: Spring 2023
Major: Management Information Systems

What is an interesting fact about you?
I aim to read a new book every two to four weeks. It helps me learn about my interests outside of my academic focus.

What are three essential elements to succeeding as a College of Business student?
Having determination, staying open-minded and getting involved are key to succeeding. Most opportunities as a business student will come not in the classroom, but in other events that involve networking and collaboration.

Yash Shah

Grad Year: Fall 2022
Major: Management Information Systems

What is an interesting fact about you?
I skipped a grade when I was younger.

What are three essential elements to succeeding as a College of Business student?
To succeed as a business student, you should: 1) Take advantage of the resources you have such as the career liaisons who can help you with your resume, cover letters, etc.; 2) Find a mentor who has already been in your major and can help guide you to being successful within the college; and 3) Take advantage of networking opportunities that the College of Business provides such as career fairs and meeting with visiting companies.

Key Activities & Programs

The Student Leadership Council hosts and participates in many College of Business events and programs throughout the year including:

Back to Business

The SLC serves as a co-sponsor of this event, which includes student organization and departmental informational tables, games and activities, swag giveaways, and refreshments. Back to Business provides students the opportunity to not only learn more about the college, but to also meet members of the college's community in a fun and relaxed environment. The event is hosted in the fall during the first or second week of classes to welcome new and returning students to campus.

College Tours

Members of the SLC serve as ambassadors to prospective students and provide guided tours of the college when requested. Each tour lasts approximately 30 minutes, with SLC members providing information on networking and engagement, student life, and academic options in the college. For more information on tours, or to register, please see Visiting the College of Business.

Family Weekend

On Friday afternoon of FSU's Family Weekend, SLC members host an open house for the College of Business. This event provides an opportunity for current business students to bring their families to the college. The SLC provides each visiting family member with a small welcome bag and offers guided tours of Rovetta.

Legends & Leaders Day

SLC members assist with hosting visiting Alumni Hall of Fame guests on campus each fall for our annual Legends & Leaders Day. The half day event provides an opportunity for our Alumni Hall of Fame members to return to the college and connect with students by speaking to classes, holding roundtable discussions and participating in other activities throughout the day.

Peer Connect (IDS 1107)

Peer Connect is an introductory course that serves as the college's FSU Engage 100 offering for first-year business students. SLC members serve as peer mentors to course participants, providing additional support, guidance based on their personal experiences and help with weekly guided discussions to assist incoming students with networking and navigating the college as a new business student.

To register for the course:

  • Log in to myFSU
  • Click on "Student Central"
  • Click the "My Classes" tile
  • Click on the "Schedule Assistant" to find IDS (Subject) 1107 (Course)
  • Click on "Sections" and search for the Business Peer Connect
  • Add the course to your schedule

Student-Faculty Mixer

This annual event, held in the spring semester, provides an opportunity for students in the college to connect with our faculty members outside of the classroom. Students and faculty members are invited to drop-in as their schedule allows to enjoy refreshments and networking in a casual setting.

Volunteering & Community Service

Each semester, members of the SLC choose a community charity or organization to support through their time, talent and treasure. Recent projects have included the following:

  • FSU Childcare Center – leading arts and crafts projects with kids at the center
  • Kearney Center – preparing and serving lunch to residents and collecting needed toiletries and supplies to donate
  • Elder Care Services – creating hand-made Thanksgiving and holiday cards for senior citizens in the community
  • Big Bend Heart Walk – fundraising for the American Heart Association and participating in the local heart walk as a group

How to Join

Membership in the SLC is a year-long commitment, beginning in the fall semester and running through the following summer semester. To be considered for SLC membership, students must:

  • Be an undergraduate degree-seeking student with a declared major in the College of Business, or a degree-seeking graduate student in the College of Business who has held previous membership on the SLC;  
  • Have a minimum FSU GPA of 3.3; and
  • Be able to serve on the council for a full term of three consecutive semesters, beginning in the fall semester.

Applications to join the SLC will open at least one week prior to the start of the fall semester and remain open for approximately two weeks after the first day of fall class. A link to apply to the SLC will be sent via email to all students with declared business majors.


Connect with Us

Marissa Mainwood
Student Leadership Council Advisor
(850) 645-1005


You can learn more about the Student Leadership Council, or connect with members, by visiting Nole Central.

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