Business Analytics, Information Systems & Supply Chain

The Department of Business Analytics, Information Systems and Supply Chain offers programs with a cross-disciplinary focus that give students the skills to bridge functional business areas by applying expertise in analytics, information systems, and/or supply chain management. The department engages industry and other stakeholders to keep the curriculum relevant and to provide opportunities for interaction between students and industry executives.

  • Business Analytics: Business Analytics (BA) addresses a growing demand for students with skills to extract insights from data and use those insights to make strategic business decisions. Our BA programs have a cross-disciplinary focus on descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics. Students who pursue coursework in BA will develop a skill set that positions them to work in interdisciplinary teams to solve complex business problems.
  • Management Information Systems: Management Information Systems (MIS) addresses issues related to the development and use of information technology (IT) in business. MIS is a cross-disciplinary field that focuses on how IT can be used strategically both within (across functional areas) and across organizations. Students who pursue a degree in MIS will be uniquely positioned to address specific questions associated with the management, development and use of IT in business.
  • Supply Chain Management: Supply Chain Management (SCM) addresses how goods, information, and money flow end-to-end in the supply chain. The department offers coursework that provides students with a foundation in supply chain operations and business strategy. Students who pursue coursework in SCM will develop skills to address issues with the coordination and optimization of supply chains in business-to-business settings.

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Students are encouraged to enrich their education through the college's internship program and global exchange program, and FSU’s International Programs. Many networking and leadership opportunities are available through student organizations, such as the Sports Analytics Club at FSU and the Association for Information Systems, and department events. Additionally, the college’s Student Leadership Council sponsors several networking events and student engagement programs to assist students in the transition from college to careers. Generous department and college-wide scholarships help support students along the way.


Faculty members are widely recognized for producing high-quality, innovative research and are acknowledged worldwide as experts in their fields. In addition to being active in a wide spectrum of scholarly research, faculty members maintain a reputation campus wide as being among the most well-respected teachers, according to student evaluations and university commendations.

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Department Chair Dr. Ashley Bush
MIS Undergraduate Program Director Lance Kerwin
MS-BA Program Director Dr. Ashley Bush 
MS-MIS Program Director Dr. Ashley Bush
MBA Program Director Dr. Darren Brooks 
Combined Pathways Director Lance Kerwin
Ph.D. with major in MIS Program Director Dr. Xinlin Tang
Course Manager Ashley Stanton