Graduate Scholarships

Collegewide Scholarships

Graduate students and new admits to any business graduate programs may qualify for one of the College of Business Graduate Scholarships. Each year the College of Business Scholarship Committee awards a number of scholarships to graduate business majors. Awards are made on an academic-year basis and cover the fall and spring semesters. To be eligible for an award, you must be a degree-seeking student in a master’s-level program in the College of Business and enrolled in no fewer than six credit hours*

All applicants to our graduate programs are considered for scholarships during the spring for awards that pay out the following fall and spring. Applicants are evaluated based on academic criteria and responses in the graduate application. Applicants who are interested in being considered for a College of Business Graduate Scholarship must apply to a graduate program no later than March 1.

Scholarship awards are for the academic year and are distributed in two equal installments, one at the beginning of the fall semester and one at the beginning of the spring semester.

In addition to graduate scholarships offered by the College of Business, the FSU Graduate School has an online fellowship application system for the many awards it offers at the university level. For more information, please visit the graduate school’s website.

To find out more about College of Business scholarships, visit

*Please note that some awards require full-time enrollment.

2022-23 Collegewide Scholarships

  • B & E Biard Scholarship 
  • B.K. & Mary Roberts Scholarship
  • Boeneke Family Legacy Scholarship
  • Caryn Beck-Dudley Fellowship
  • Christopher E. Iansiti Outstanding Leader Scholarship
  • College of Business Scholarship
  • College of Business Board of Governors Scholarship
  • Colonel James R. Douglass Scholarship
  • Corporate Creations Foundation JD/MBA Scholarship
  • Daniel J. Grant Scholarship
  • Danny Persaud International Student Scholarship
  • Darden Restaurants Scholarship
  • Dennis & Kathy Newman Scholarship
  • Donn A Szaro & Family Healthcare MBA Scholarship
  • Dora J. Gangloff & Linda T. Gangloff Memorial Presidential Scholarship
  • Douglas & Sally Bailey Emergency Scholarship
  • Dr. L. Wade Humphreys Scholarship 
  • Dr. Robert L. Doherty Student International Experience Scholarship
  • E. Ray Solomon Presidential Scholarship
  • Haddad Memorial Scholarship
  • Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Graduate Scholarship
  • Helen Craig Wardlaw Scholarship
  • Jim & Linda Owens Scholarship 
  • Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship Scholarship
  • John F. & Jill Wilkinson Scholarship
  • John H. "Clem" Neeley Scholarship 
  • John W. Butler Scholarship
  • Joseph A. Gangloff Presidential Scholarship
  • Keith & Terri Davidson CARE Scholarship honoring Homer Black
  • Lamar F. Everett Scholarship
  • Lori Fultz Priess Internship Award
  • Marguerite Neel Williams MBA Assistantship
  • McConnell Family Scholarship 
  • Mike & Marion Bogdanoff Scholarship 
  • P.J. Corbley Internship Scholarship
  • Raymond James Financial Scholarship
  • Robert Bruce Scholarship
  • Robert C. Alexander Scholarship 
  • Robert & Julie Eichenberg Leadership Development Scholarship
  • Smillie Family Scholarship
  • Susan Pollack Delgado Fellowship
  • Thomas D. Clark Jr. Scholarship 
  • Williams Family Fellowship 
  • Williams Family Student Success Scholarship

Graduate Scholarships by Academic Unit

There are a number of scholarships awarded by the college's academic units. These awards are typically restricted to majors within each academic unit. For additional information or questions about the scholarships below, please contact the appropriate academic unit.

Department of Accounting

The Department of Accounting awards a number of fellowships to applicants with strong academic credentials. No duties are associated with these fellowships other than the requirement to remain a full-time student in good standing in the Master in Accounting (MAcc) program. The funding for these awards is provided by contributions from professional accounting firms, corporations, alumni and friends of the Department of Accounting. Currently, fellowships are $1,500 per year, payable in equal installments over three terms.

Internal Accounting Scholarships

  • Albert C. Johnson, CPA Scholarship
  • Astor Family Scholarship 
  • Betsy Evans Scholarship
  • Bond Foundation Graduate Assistantship 
  • Bond Foundation Fellowship
  • Chip & Ginger Jones Scholarship
  • Deloitte Scholarship
  • Department of Accounting Scholarship
  • Edward & Bernice Trembly Scholarship
  • EY Scholarship     
  • Homer A. Black Fellowship 
  • John & Susan Gabriel Scholarship 
  • John F. Kelly, CPA Scholarship
  • John E. Champion Scholarship
  • John Sisler Jr. MAcc Scholarship
  • Jonathan L. Williams Fellowship
  • Judy A. & Donald W. Schmeling MAcc Scholarship
  • Kenneth W. Cormier Fellowship 
  • Kimberly Winter Cass Memorial Scholarship
  • KPMG Scholarship
  • Krblich Family Fellowship
  • L. Curtis Westbrook, Jr. Scholarship
  • Mauldin Family Scholarship 
  • Robert J. West Scholarship
  • Robert G. Richardson & Cheryl E. Monroe Fellowship
  • RSM Scholarship
  • Thomas Howell Ferguson Scholarship

External Accounting Scholarships

Department of Accounting Assistantships

A number of graduate assistantships are available through the department. These assistantships are a combination of cash payments and tuition waivers and require the student to work 10 hours per week as a graduate, research or teaching assistant. Assignments are made as research assistants or teaching assistants according to the current needs of the Department of Accounting.

For further descriptions of these scholarships, click here for the scholarship criteria. Additional information and applications are available in the Department of Accounting Office (RBA 309).

Business Analytics, Information Systems and Supply Chain

  • AgileThought MIS Scholarship
  • Detlev H. Smaltz Scholarship for MIS

Department of Finance

  • Bank of America Scholarship
  • Bong-Soo Lee Fellowship 
  • Department of Finance Scholarship
  • J. Edwin White Scholarship
  • Karl & Sophie Schweizer Scholarship
  • Nancy Casper Hillis & Mark Hillis Scholarship
  • Scott A. Steele Graduate Assistant Scholarship
  • Student Investment Management Program Scholarship

Department of Management

  • Robert O. Wheeler Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Persis E. Rockwood School of Marketing

  • Bob & Pam Sasser Scholarship
  • Brett Lindquist Bootcamp Scholarship 
  • Carl & Stephanie Johnson Sales Competition Scholarship
  • Case Competition Scholarship
  • Dr. Persis E. Rockwood Endowed Graduate Scholarship
  • Lindquist Bilingual Sales Team Scholarship
  • Professional Sales Scholarships

Department of Risk Management/Insurance, Real Estate & Legal Studies

Internal Real Estate Scholarships

  • Crossman & Company Endowed Scholarship
  • Crossman Career Builders Scholarship
  • Crossman & Company Scholarship
  • Foundry Commercial Excellence Scholarship
  • Kislak Student Scholarship
  • Lindquist Fellowship
  • Mark Hillis & Nancy Casper Hillis Scholarship
  • Peter & Jennifer Collins Scholarship
  • Philip N. Cusmano Memorial Scholarship

External Real Estate Scholarships

  • Appraisal Institute and Relief Foundation Scholarships
  • REM Foundation's George M. Brooker Collegiate Scholarship for Minorities
  • Pension Real Estate Association (PREA) Scholarship Program
  • Pension Real Estate Association (PREA)/Robert A. Toigo Foundation Scholarship

Internal Risk Management/Insurance Scholarships

  • Dr. William T. Hold/The National Alliance Program in RMI Scholarship 
  • Erb Family Scholarship
  • Elfreda L. Egger, CPCU Memorial Scholarship
  • Florida Association of Insurance Agents Scholarship 
  • Heritage Insurance Scholarship
  • Insurance Days Career Scholarship
  • Katrina Anne "Katie" Froeschle Memorial Scholarship 
  • Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation Scholarship
  • Major D. Wright Jr. Scholarship
  • PIA of Florida Scholarship
  • Pinellas Association of Insurance Agents Scholarship
  • RMI Program Scholarship

External Risk Management/Insurance Scholarships

For short descriptions of the above external scholarships, click here for the scholarship criteria. The above scholarships are awarded by organizations outside the Department of Risk Management/Insurance, Real Estate & Legal Studies. Deadlines and application procedures are unique to each scholarship. Applications may be obtained directly from the sponsoring organization through the website links provided.

Scholarships & Fellowship Programs

National and International Scholarships & Fellowships (Honors Program)
For information regarding these awards, see the University Honors Program website.

State Farm Doctoral Dissertation Award
Scholarships of $10,000 each are awarded to doctoral candidates majoring in a business-related field. Additional information and specific criteria are available on the organization's website. The application deadline is in March.