Undergraduate Scholarships

Each year the College of Business Scholarship Committee awards a number of scholarships to upper-division business majors (rising juniors and seniors). Awards are made on an academic year basis covering both the fall and spring semesters. To be eligible for an award, you must be an upper-division business major at the end of the spring semester in which application is made and a full-time student during the entire award period.

Based on a single application, applicants are considered for all applicable awards. Scholarship awards are distributed in two equal installments, one at the beginning of the fall semester and one at the beginning of the spring semester. 

Scholarship applications for the 2024-2025 academic year closed on March 4, 2024. The scholarship application period for the 2025-2026 academic year will open January 16, 2025 and close on March 4, 2025.

For questions, please contact Sarah Cass at scass@business.fsu.edu.

2022-23 Collegewide Scholarships

  • B & E Biard Scholarship Fund
  • Bank of America/Robert G. Turner Scholars Program
  • B.K. & Mary Roberts Scholarship
  • Boeneke Family Legacy Scholarship
  • Christopher E. Iansiti Outstanding Leader Scholarship
  • College of Business Scholarship
  • College of Business Board of Governors Scholarship
  • Daniel J. Grant Scholarship
  • Danny Persaud International Student Scholarship
  • Darden Restaurants Scholarship
  • Dora J. Gangloff & Linda T. Gangloff Memorial Presidential Scholarship
  • Douglas & Sally Bailey Emergency Scholarship
  • Dr. Les Kozlow Leadership Scholarship
  • Dr. Robert L. Doherty Student International Experience Scholarship
  • E. Ray Solomon Presidential Scholarship
  • Herb Morgan Presidential Scholarship
  • James Roye Scholarship
  • Jim & Linda Owens Scholarship
  • Jim Moran Scholars
  • JM Family Enterprises African-American Youth Achiever Scholarship
  • John H. "Clem" Neeley Scholarship
  • Joseph A. Gangloff Presidential Scholarship
  • Keith & Terri Davidson CARE Scholarship Honoring Homer Black
  • Lamar F. Everett Scholarship
  • Lena Meyer Gustavson Scholarship
  • Lisa Blair Davis Scholarship
  • Lori Fultz Priess Internship Award
  • McConnell Family Scholarship
  • Mike & Marion Bogdanoff Scholarship
  • Pfilip G. Hunt/Morrison Restaurant Emergency Scholarship
  • P.J. Corbley Internship Award
  • R. Keith & Patricia Duggins Sigmon Scholarship
  • Raymond James Financial Scholarship
  • Robert & Julie Eichenberg Leadership Development Scholarship
  • Smillie Family Scholarship
  • Thomas D. Clark Jr. Scholarship
  • W. David Ellrich, Jr. CPA Scholarship
  • Williams Family Scholarship
  • Willie Le Hall Johnson Scholarship
  • Wylie & Robyn Green Scholarship

Undergraduate Scholarships by Academic Unit

These awards are typically restricted to students with a major in each academic unit.

Department of Accounting

  • Albert C. Johnson, CPA Scholarship
  • Amy Rose Grabina Memorial Scholarship
  • Arrigo Family Scholarship
  • Astor Family Scholarship 
  • Betsy Evans Scholarship
  • Clark Charles Cleveland Scholarship 
  • CPS Investment Advisors/James M. Luffman Scholarship
  • Deloitte Scholarship
  • Department of Accounting Scholarship
  • E.C. & Tillie Allen Presidential Scholarship
  • EY Scholarship     
  • EY International Scholars Scholarship
  • Hamic Previte & Sturwold, P.A. Scholarship
  • Ira Silver Scholarship
  • John & Susan Gabriel Scholarship 
  • John F. Kelly, CPA Scholarship
  • John E. Champion Scholarship
  • John E. & Mary L. Champion Scholarship
  • KES Scholarship
  • Kimberly Winter Cass Memorial Scholarship
  • KPMG Scholarship
  • L. Curtis Westbrook, Jr. Scholarship
  • Robert J. West Scholarship
  • RSM Scholarship
  • Thomas Howell Ferguson Scholarship

Department of Business Analytics, Information Systems & Supply Chain

  • AgileThought Scholarship
  • Detlev H. Smaltz Scholarship 
  • Jeanie Cannan Vidaurreta Scholarship 
  • Tony A. Hamby Scholarship

Department of Finance

  • BB&T Program in Free Enterprise Scholarship
  • Carraway/Trust Company Bank Scholarship
  • Department of Finance Scholarship
  • J. Edwin White Scholarship
  • Karl & Sophie Schweizer Scholarship
  • Kevin & Kellie Hardee Scholarship
  • Nagel Endowed Scholarship 
  • Nancy Casper Hillis & Mark Hillis Scholarship
  • Steven J. Mudder Finance Scholarship
  • Gary & Hollis Bliss Scholarship
  • Scott A. Steele Scholarship
  • Student Investment Management Program Scholarship

Department of Management

  • Kirk Bell Cocke Hassell Scholarship
  • Robert O. Wheeler Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Persis E. Rockwood School of Marketing

  • Bob & Pam Sasser Scholarship
  • Brett Lindquist Bootcamp Scholarship 
  • Carl & Stephanie Johnson Sales Competition Scholarship
  • Case Competition Scholarship
  • Dr. Persis E. Rockwood Undergraduate Scholarship
  • FSU Sales Institute Scholarship & Award
  • Grocery Manufacturers Representatives Scholarship
  • Lindquist Bilingual Sales Team Scholarship
  • Professional Sales Scholarships
  • Retail Management Program Scholarship
  • Richard M. Baker Honor Scholarship
  • Southern Fidelity/Capitol Preferred Scholarship

Other Awards

Many alumni and corporate members of the FSU Sales Advisory Board award scholarships to top undergraduate professional sales students. These awards are based on academic achievement and/or performance in professional sales classes and during competitions. The awards include:

  • Brett Lindquist Bootcamp Endowment Scholarship
  • Carl & Stephanie Johnson Sales Competition Scholarship
  • Drew Hildebrand Maximum Effort Scholarship
  • Kristen Mitchell Glasser Sales Excellence Award
  • KS2 Technologies Sales Excellence Scholarship
  • Pat Pallentino Sales Leadership Excellence Scholarship/Brandt
  • State Farm FIU Dual Language Scholarship
  • State Farm Great Northwoods Sales Challenge Scholarship
  • State Farm Insurance Sales Competition Scholarship
  • State Farm Seminole Sales Showcase Speed-Selling Competition Scholarship 

Department of Risk Management/Insurance, Real Estate & Legal Studies

Scholarships for Real Estate Majors and Risk Management/Insurance Majors are available through the department as well as external sources.

Internal Real Estate Scholarships

  • Crossman Career Builders Scholarship
  • Crossman & Company Scholarship
  • Foundry Commercial Scholarship
  • ICSC Foundation Undergraduate Award
  • Kislak Student Scholarship
  • Mark Hillis & Nancy Casper Hillis Scholarship
  • Philip N. Cusmano Memorial Scholarship
  • Renegades of Reel Estate Scholarship 
  • Virginia Glass Scholarship

External Real Estate Scholarships

The following scholarships are awarded by organizations outside the Department of Risk Management/Insurance, Real Estate & Legal Studies. Deadlines and application procedures are unique to each scholarship. Applications may be obtained directly from the sponsoring organization.

  • Appraisal Institute and Relief Foundation Scholarships
  • CCIM Foundation Scholarships
  • CREW Network Foundation Scholarships 
  • ICSC Foundation Scholarships
  • IREM Foundation's George M. Brooker, CPM Diversity College Scholarship
  • ICSC’s Schurgin Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Pension Real Estate Association (PREA) Scholarships
  • Society of Real Estate Professionals (SOREP) Scholarship

Internal Risk Management/Insurance Scholarships

  • AmWINS Group, Inc. FSU Alumni Scholarship
  • Billy Teel, Clara Jo Milligan Teel & Ann Teel Hatcher Scholarship
  • Bob Ross Scholarship
  • Bonnie Royce Stanley Scholarship
  • Dr. William T. Hold/The National Alliance Program in RMI Scholarship
  • E. Ray Solomon Scholarship 
  • Elfreda L. Egger, CPCU Memorial Scholarship
  • Erb Family Scholarship
  • Florida Association of Insurance Agents Scholarship 
  • Gold Coast CPCU Scholarship
  • Gulf Coast CPCU Scholarship
  • Harry R. Levine Scholarship 
  • HCI Group Foundation Award
  • Heritage Insurance Scholarship
  • Insurance Days Career Placement Scholarship
  • Jeffrey W. Grady Scholarship
  • Katrina Anne "Katie" Froeschle Memorial Scholarship 
  • Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation Scholarship
  • Major D. Wright Jr. Scholarship
  • NAAIA Florida Scholarship 
  • North Florida CPCU Scholarship
  • Northeast Florida Chapter RIMS Scholarship
  • One Source Advisory Scholarship
  • PIA of Florida Scholarship
  • Pinellas Association of Insurance Agents Scholarship
  • RMI Program Scholarship
  • Robert T. Powell Scholarship 
  • Southern Fidelity/Capitol Preferred Scholarship
  • Southwest Florida RIMS Scholarship
  • Tom C. Johnson Scholarship
  • William “Buddy” G. McCue Scholarship
  • Windstorm Insurance Network Scholarship

External Risk Management/Insurance Scholarships

The following scholarships are awarded by organizations outside the Department of Risk Management/Insurance, Real Estate & Legal Studies. Deadlines and application procedures are unique to each scholarship. Applications may be obtained directly from the sponsoring organization.

  • Association of Insurance Compliance Professionals
  • Johnstone Educational Foundation Scholarship
  • Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) Scholarships 
  • Spencer Foundation Scholarships