Irena Hutton

Gene Taylor/Bank of America Associate Professor of Finance and Director, Gene Taylor/Bank of America Center
 Irena Hutton
515 RBA
Academic Specialty
Corporate Finance

Ph.D., City University of New York
MBA, University of Southern Maine
B.S., University of Southern Maine

Areas of Expertise

Behavioral Finance
Corporate Governance
Law and Finance

Irena Hutton is an Associate Professor of Finance at Florida State University. She earned a Ph.D. in Finance from The City University of New York. Professor Hutton's research interests focus on various aspects of corporate governance and corporate litigation. She teaches courses in financial management and valuation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Selected Published Research
  • “Republican Managers and Corporate Policies” with Danling Jiang and Alok Kumar, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (2014)
  • “The Effect of Securities Litigation on External Financing” with Don Autore, Aimee Hoffman and David Peterson, Journal of Corporate Finance (2014)
  • “Political Culture and Corporate Litigation” with Danling Jiang and Alok Kumar, Management Science (2015)
  • “How Much do Corporate Defendants Really Lose? A New Verdict on the Reputation Loss Induced by Corporate Litigation” with Aimee Smith and Bruce Haslem, Financial Management, (2017)
  • “Arbitrage with Arbitrageurs: Short interest as a signal to issue equity” with Don Autore, Dominique Gehy, and Danling Jiang, Journal of Corporate Finance (2018)