Trading Room

Trading Room.jpg

Trading room enhances students’ education with experience in real world of finance

The trading room at Florida State University’s College of Business is equipped with an 80-inch presentation display, three 55-inch financial data displays, Bloomberg terminals, an eight-zone world clock, 35 touchscreen computers and scrolling stock tickers. The goal of the trading room is to replicate those used by Wall Street investment firms.

The trading room is designed to give upper-level finance students hands-on experience in the real world of finance, training them in financial modeling and portfolio management - and giving them an edge in the competitive job market of Wall Street investing.

Since it was installed in 2013, the trading room has been a tremendous boon to students managing the university’s Student Investment Fund. Student managers are responsible for virtually all activities associated with the fund's portfolio (valued in November 2023 at over $5 million), including company research, economic forecasting, risk management, pitching stock and bond ideas, working with the fund's brokers to execute trades and producing written reports and verbal presentations to the fund's advisory committee.