The Department of Accounting is committed to providing students the education and technical knowledge necessary to enter the accounting profession and to pursue a successful professional career. The field of accounting offers challenging and rewarding opportunities in public accounting, tax accounting, industry, government and not-for-profit organizations.

Understanding finance is critical in today's economy and business environment. The effective allocation of resources and capital management can separate the most successful corporations from those that are bankrupt and insolvent. At Florida State University, specializing in finance provides exposure to multiple areas, such as capital markets, corporate financial decision-making, portfolio management and financial risk management. It also opens up career opportunities with tremendous earning potential.

The field of management offers challenging and rewarding opportunities in supervisory and administrative positions in private business, nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies. The Department of Management is committed to providing students the education, technical knowledge and leadership skills necessary to pursue a successful professional career in whatever industry setting they choose.

The Dr. Persis E. Rockwood School of Marketing is home to some of the most interesting, challenging and important topics in business. Marketing involves the creation and delivery of exceptional value by identifying and fulfilling the needs and wants of customers. As the entity responsible for the development and management of a firm’s products and services, marketing is directly tied to revenue production and long-term growth.