Department creates BAISSC Advisory Board

February 1, 2019

The Department of Business Analytics, Information Systems and Supply Chain (BAISSC) has created a new industry advisory board comprising highly successful business alumni and friends of the College of Business. The eight-member board, which met for the first time last month in Tampa, will provide key expertise as FSU prepares students for a more technical and data-driven workforce.

“The distinct-but-related disciplines of business analytics, information systems and supply chain are critical elements of creating a competitive advantage in the business marketplace, and thus these skills are increasingly becoming in high demand,” said board chair Steve Pattison (ACG ’79).

Pattison explained that the group’s objective is to bring its members’ diverse and collective professional experience to the table to enrich the educational experience for students, to support the faculty by providing real-world case studies and classroom participation, and to create both internship and career opportunities for students.

“This board is an incredible opportunity for us to gain the insights of experts who will aid us in maintaining a curriculum that aligns with current industry needs and anticipates future trends,” said department chair Ashley Bush, the Sprint Professor of Management Information Systems and director of the master’s programs in Business Analytics (MS-BA) and Management Information Systems (MS-MIS).

The recent meeting provided an opportunity for board members, BAISSC faculty members and graduate students to exchange information and insights. Participants worked toward charting a course for the department to effectively meet its goal of educating students and being recognized as a leader in the areas of analytics, information systems and supply chain. Eventually, the department will draw from the experience of a general board with up to 30 members, representing various industries.

“It’s exciting to engage private industry with the College of Business in developing this relatively new and evolving curriculum at FSU,” said Pattison, chief financial officer and vice president for Business Analysis and Risk Management at Restaurant Services Inc. “We’re looking forward to facilitating a future national ranking for the BAISSC department to complement the increasing rise in national rankings of the College of Business.”

The initial business leaders who have made the commitment to serve on BAISSC Advisory Board are:

  • Chair Steve Pattison (ACG ’79), chief financial officer and vice president for Business Analysis and Risk Management, Restaurant Services Inc.
  • Sarah Clamp (BS ACG ’94/MAcc ’95), Partner, Southeast Region Assurance Innovation and Digital Leader and Georgia/Alabama Market Assurance Leader, EY
  • Ryan Dorrell (MIS ’95), chief solutions officer and co-founder, AgileThought
  • Adam Ely (MBA ’06), vice president and deputy chief information security officer, Walmart
  • Colin O’Connor (FIN ’11), chief operating officer, ReliaQuest
  • Janardhan “JR” Ramachandran, senior director, Global Analytics & Competitive Intelligence, Johnson & Johnson Vision
  • David Romine (MIS ’96), chief executive officer and founder, AgileThought
  • Mark Shafer, senior vice president, Revenue Management and Analytics, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

The BAISSC Advisory Board meets twice per year in person. In between meetings, board members may meet via conference call as necessary.

- Barbara Ash