Mining time-sensitive data on businesses efforts to instill consumer confidence

May 27, 2020

The survival of businesses impacted by social distancing relies not only on cash infusions in the short-term, but also on reviving the consumer demand for their products/ services in the long-term. Reviving consumer demand is especially important for avoiding a total economic collapse at a macro-level after the imminent threat of the pandemic has been overcome (Shefrin 2020).The primary goal of our research is to collect time-sensitive social media data about the efforts taken by businesses to instill consumer confidence and recover service delivery during the pandemic and the public reaction to these efforts. 

Dr. Noyan Ilk, Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems
Areas of expertise: Text mining, big data management, and service analytics 

Dr. Guangzhi Shang, Assistant Professor of Business Analytics
Areas of expertise: Retail Operations, Service Operations, Cryptocurrency and Revenue Management