Career Development

Career Coaching

The Center for Professional Success offers individualized career coaching services to College of Business students at any stage in their professional journey. The center uses a coaching model that is action-oriented, student-led and co-creative. Our career coaching appointments emphasize accountability and follow through. Some common topics of discussion include:

  • What should I do with my life?
  • How do I find a job I like?
  • How do I make professional contacts?
  • How can I make myself attractive to future employers?
  • What resources exist at FSU and the College of Business to help me succeed professionally?

Make a one-on-one appointment with a career coach to start preparing for a successful career.

Undergraduate Student Appointments

To allow us to best prepare for your career coaching appointment, all students should complete this short survey about your academic and professional interests.

Undergraduate students in the College of Business can make an appointment to meet with a career coach through Campus Connect. To access Campus Connect, log in to your myFSU portal ( and click on the CC icon. In Campus Connect, click on the blue "Get Advising" button and choose "Special Programs," then choose "COB Center for Professional Success." Follow the prompts to schedule your appointment.

Graduate Student Appointments

If you are a graduate student in the College of Business and would like to meet with a career coach, please email to request an appointment.

Career Building Events

The Center for Professional Success offers professional development events, including its Level-Up Workshops, each semester. Whether the events are led by the center's team or an industry expert, students can explore career opportunities, connect with industry leaders and learn important skills essential for professional success.

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Course Instruction

The center’s facilitators teach the following required course for all business students:

GEB 1030 Development for Business Careers
This course is designed for students who intend to major in business. Career options in various business disciplines are described. Appropriate personal characteristics and skills required for a successful business career are discussed. This course cultivates critical thinking as it relates to these and other academic and career development topics.

The college uses this course focused on professional development to introduce students to a variety of career opportunities and to assist them in discovering their own personal strengths and weaknesses, professional interests and work preferences. The curriculum also leads students in setting academic and professional goals, while defining their essential interpersonal or "soft" skills.

Course topics include:

  • Understanding Business Culture, Ethics and Etiquette
  • Cultivating Self-Awareness
  • Defining Success and Embracing Failure
  • Exploring All Career Resources at FSU
  • Researching Professional Paths
  • Expanding Professional Networks
  • Communicating Professionally
  • Understanding Job Descriptions
  • Managing Stress and Other Key Intrapersonal Skills
  • Building A Professional Brand
  • Dressing to Impress
  • Managing Conflict and Other Essential Interpersonal Skills