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Undergraduate students in the College of Business can make an appointment to meet with the Center for Professional Success through Campus Connect. To access Campus Connect, log in to your myFSU portal ( and click on the CC icon. In Campus Connect, click on the blue "Get Advising" button and choose: Special Programs, then choose COB Center for Professional Success. Follow the prompts to schedule your appointment. Or contact us via email at

Our Mission

The Internship Programs Office empowers undergraduate and graduate students to maximize experiential learning opportunities by equipping them with tools and strategies key to making a successful transition to the highly competitive workforce.

If you have questions about internships or would like to talk to the internship team about any of the services offered, join one of our Internship Information Sessions, held each Thursday at 2:00 pm. 

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Internship Services Offered

  • Exploratory Internship Conversations
  • Internship Planning Assistance
  • Internship Searching Assistance
  • Earning academic credit for internships. Click here to see the application process.
  • Reflective discussions about internships for career planning

Internship Search Assistance

FSU Affiliated Resources

The FSU College of Business Job Board allows students to search for job and internships opportunities posted by employers actively recruiting College of Business students.

NoleNetwork is the FSU Career Center platform linking students and alumni representing most FSU Colleges and major fields of study directly with employers actively recruiting students and Career Center programs.

FSU International Programs Internships

Additional Searching Resources

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Center for Professional Success on LinkedIn periodically links to active job and internship postings across the LinkedIn platform.

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Earn Academic Credit for Internships

Submit a Student Request to enroll in an internship course

Business Internship Courses

— ACG 4941: Accounting Internship
Counts for: 3 hours of general business elective credit

ACG 4632: Auditing Theory and Application I
Tax 4001: Federal Tax Accounting I
Additional Information: Counts toward the 30 hours of accounting required by the State of Florida for CPA licensure.

— FIN 4941: Finance Internship
Counts for: 3 hours of general business elective credit

FIN 3403: Financial Management of the Firms
FIN 3244: Financial Markets, Institutions, and International Finance Systems

— GEB 4941: General Business Internship
Counts for: 0 hours for transcript recognition or 1-6 hours of general business elective credit

Prerequisite(s): None

Additional Information: Students must complete at least the minimum number of work hours to earn academic credit. Credit hours cannot be reduced after the final enrollment deadline. 

Ratio of credit hours to work hours

Credit Hours Work Hours
0 60
1 90
2 120
3 150
4 190
5 210
6 250

— GEB 5944: Graduate Internship
Counts for: 3 hours of general business elective credit

Prerequisite(s): None

Additional Information

Graduate student requests to enroll in internship courses may require departmental permission and/or approval.

Graduate students may not use full-time employment as an internship for academic credit.

To qualify as a graduate level internship experience must strongly reinforce the key concepts learned throughout coursework.

Students may apply 3 credit hours from an internship course as general business elective, however, MAcc permits up to 6 credit hours.

— MAN 4941: Management Field Study
Counts for: 3 hours of major elective credit within the Management and HR majors

MAN 3240: Organizational Behavior
3 credit hours of management, HR, or major specific ​​​​​general business core courses

— ISM 4941: Management Information Systems Field Study
Counts for: 3 hours of major elective credit within the Management Information Systems major

ISM 4212: Information for Operating Control and Data Management

— MAR 4941: Marketing and Professional Sales Internship
Counts for: 3 hours of major elective credit within the Marketing and Professional Sales major

Marketing Majors
MAR 3023: Basic Marketing Concepts
3 credit hours of marketing major specific general business core courses

Professional Sales Majors
MAR 3023: Basic Marketing Concepts 
MAR 3400: Professional Selling
Additional Information: MAR 4941 is a graduation requirement for professional sales majors.

— REE 4941: Real Estate Internship 
Counts for: 3 credit hours of general elective credit

Prerequisite(s): None

— RMI 4941: Risk Management/Insurance Internship
Counts for: 3 hours of general business elective credit

RMI 3011: Risk Management and Insurance
6 credit hours of Risk Management and Insurance major specific general business core courses

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