Regarded as one of the nation's leading scholars in real estate valuation, Dr. Barry Diskin spent his 35 years at FSU imparting that knowledge to students and industry and staying invested in their success. Dr. Diskin retired in 2015 as a Francis J. Nardozza Scholar.

During his academic career, Dr. Diskin demonstrated a commitment to teaching, research and student performance. His efforts were instrumental in the establishment and growth of the college's real estate program, and he served as director of the FSU Real Estate Center from 1984 to 1997. Diskin's work has been based in relationships as well as research, staying in touch with real estate graduates and connecting them with industry contacts. Graduates laud his genuine interest in their well-being and look to him for career advice well after they have left campus.

In addition to an academic career that includes faculty and teaching awards, Dr. Diskin has stayed involved with industry, earning a far-reaching reputation for excellence among countless professionals throughout Florida. He has testified about the effect of high-voltage transmission lines on property values, appraised nuclear power plants and easements for right-of-way, reviewed potential litigation dealing with mortgages, researched challenges to tax assessments and assisted in rewriting guidelines for Florida's property appraisal officials. He received business faculty excellence award honors in 2009 from Ernst & Young, now EY. 

As a researcher, he authored dozens of professional and academic publications addressing a variety of real estate and ethics topics. His research included condominium conversion, contamination, property taxation, business ethics, application of the income approach in valuating agricultural land and the appraisal of nuclear and gas-fired electric power utilities for ad valorem tax purposes. He also served on editorial boards for the Journal of Financial Services and the Journal of Real Estate Literature.

Dr. Diskin received his bachelor's degree in economics, an MBA in finance and Ph.D. in land economics and real estate – all from Georgia State University.