Whether he was teaching a student how to tie a bow tie, buying professional dress for students in need, or ensuring they understood the finer points of finance, Dr. Robert G. Turner was considered truly a “student’s teacher.”

As a College of Business finance professor, he helped create leaders in finance and banking for more than three decades. He was known and respected as an outstanding educator by hundreds of colleagues and thousands of former students. During his tenure – from 1970 to 2004 – Dr. Turner shared with students his expertise in business and banking, and much more.

In addition to sharing his vast knowledge of the profession, Dr. Turner prioritized students’ career preparation by teaching them important soft skills. Having forged strong professional relationships with financial institutions, Dr. Turner was able to connect students with executives, giving both opportunities to spend in-depth time together, which frequently led to students being offered positions after graduation.

Many of his former students say Dr. Turner made a profound impact on their lives and careers and did so with high energy and by making learning fun. He is known for treating his colleagues, students and professional associates with respect, honesty and candor.

One former student, a successful investment banker, said of Turner: “Dr. Turner took an interest in me and altered my course in life. I can trace my path from his office to graduate school, which led me to New York, where I met my wife. His impact on me endures in business and in my family.”

When Dr. Turner passed away in 2004, Gene Taylor of Bank of America wanted to honor him for his drive and his efforts to connect students with professional opportunities. This resulted in the creation of the Bank of America Robert G. Turner scholarship, which helps to fund internships for undergraduate students.