David Maslach

Associate Professor
David Maslach
360 RBB
Academic Specialty
Strategic Management

Ph.D., General Management, Western University
M.A.Sc., Management Science, University of Waterloo
B.A.Sc., Chemical Engineering (Sociology Minor), University of Waterloo

Areas of Expertise

Organizational Learning
Advanced Technologies
Social Influencers

Dr. Maslach studies how firms innovate and learn given the risks of failure. His primary focus is on theories of organizational learning and decision-making within organizations. He and his colleagues have dabbled in many contexts, including medical technology, Formula 1 Racing, software development, content creators, and the sharing economy. While he uses a number of methodologies, his expertise is in large sample datasets and online experimentation. He has taught undergraduate, MBA, and doctoral courses on Strategy, Organizational Theory, Research Methods, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is currently on the Editorial Board of Organization Science, serves as the Secretary of the Strategy Division in the Academy of Management, and cofounder (with Jerker Denrell) and coorganizer (with Daniella Laureiro-Martínez) of the Carnegie School of Organizational Learning Conference. He has published in such outlets as Journal of Management Inquiry, Management Science, Organization Science, R&D Management, and Strategic Management Journal.

Prior to his PhD in Strategy from the Ivey School of Business (Western University), he obtained degrees in Chemical Engineering and Management Science from the University of Waterloo, and held non-academic positions in scientific programming and public policy. He has also founded three organizations, with various degrees of success. His current passion project is building a writing feedback platform for researchers (www.r3ciprocity.com) that provides solutions and hope to researchers around the world. R3ciprocity also serves as an online platform for field experiments. As part of this project, he is an active social influencer discussing topics related to research, innovation, and strategy. The R3ciprocity Project has touched millions of people across all platforms.

Selected Published Research

Denrell, J. Liu, C, and Maslach, D. 2022. "Underdogs and One-hit Wonders: When is Overcoming Adversity Impressive?" Forthcoming, Management Science.

Lamont, B., King, D., Maslach, D., M. Schwerdtfeger, and J. Tienari. 2018. "Integration Capacity and Knowledge-Based Acquisition Performance" R&D Management. 49(1): 103-114.

Maslach, D., O. Branzei, C. Rerup, and M. Zbaracki. 2018. "Noise as a signal in learning from rare events." Organization Science. 29(2): 225-246. https://doi.org/10.1287/orsc.2017.1179

Desai, V., P. Madsen, D. Maslach. 2017. "Organizational learning from failure: Present theory and future inspirational inquiries." Handbook of Group and Organizational Learning. Ed. L. Argote and J. Levine. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Maslach, D. 2016. "Change and persistence with failed technological innovation." Strategic Management Journal, (37) 4: 714-723.

Bhandary, A. and D. Maslach. 2016. "Organizational memory." The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management. Ed. M. Augier and D. Teece. London, UK: Palgrave MacMillan.

Maslach, D., C., Madsen, P., and V. Desai, C. Liu. 2015. "The robust beauty of "Little Ideas": Comments on the Past and Future of A Behavioral Theory of the Firm. Journal of Management Inquiry. 24(3): 318-320. 

Liu, Chengwei, David Maslach, Vinit Desai, and Peter Madsen. 2015. "The first 50 years and the next 50 years of A Behavioral Theory of the Firm: An interview with James G. March." Journal of Management Inquiry. 242(2): 149-155.

Interesting Facts

Professor Maslach grew up in Northern Canada on a diet of venison, moose and other game. Now that he lives in Florida with his wife (Lyndsey), two sons (Jack and Andrew), and two wild dogs (Maddie and Carlie), he has grown to love gator and crawfish! 

Honors and Awards
  • FSU College of Business Core Values Award (“for excellence, integrity, respect, leadership and/or innovation”) 
  • 6 Academy of Management Outstanding Reviewer Awards, BPS Division 
  • Finalist for OMT Best Symposium, Academy of Management 
  • Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellowship