David R. King

Department Chair and Higdon Associate Professor of Management
David R. King
305 RBA
Academic Specialty
Strategic Management
Areas of Expertise

Merger and acquisition (M&A) integration and performance, innovation, complementary resources, corporate entrepreneurship, technology transfer, and government policy. 

Before joining academia, Dave managed aircraft procurement for the U.S. Air Force. While in the military, he earned his PhD in strategy and entrepreneurship from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business. Dave’s research focuses on complementary resources, merger and acquisition (M&A) integration and performance, technology innovation, and defense procurement. 

Selected Published Research

King, D.R., Bauer, F., Weng, Q., Schriber, S., Tarba, S. (2020). What, When and Who: Manager Involvement in Predicting Employee Resistance to Acquisition Integration. Human Resource Management, 59: 63-81.

Bauer, F., Schriber, S., Degischer, D., King, DR. 2018. Contextualizing speed and cross-border acquisition performance: Labor market flexibility and efficiency effects. Journal of World Business, 53: 290-301.

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King, DR., Slotegraaf, R, Kesner, I. 2008. Performance implications of firm resource interactions in the acquisition of R&D-intensive firms, Organization Science, 19(2): 327-340. 

Cording, M., Christmann, P., King, D.R. 2008. Reducing causal ambiguity in acquisition integration: Intermediate goals as mediators of integration decisions and acquisition performance, Academy of Management Journal, 51(4): 744-767. 

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King, D. 2019. Space X (case study) in Rothaermel, F. Strategic Management 4e, McGraw-Hill, Burr Ridge, IL. 

King, D.R., Bauer, F., Schriber, S. 2018. Mergers & Acquisitions: A Research Overview. Routledge: Oxford, UK

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Honors and Awards
  • 2020: Recognized as ‘Reviewer of the Year” by Journal of Management Studies 
  • 2020: Florida State University College of Business “Core Values” award recipient for exemplifying integrity, respect, leadership and innovation
  • 2018: Fulbright Scholar to Austria
  • 2016: “Best Paper” at EURAM Corporate Strategy track for: Bauer, F., King, D., Schriber, S., Matzler, K. Acquisition Characteristics, Integration Choices, and Performance: A Process Perspective. EURAM, Paris, 31 May- 4 June.
  • 2015: Outstanding Author Contribution Award for: King, DR. 2014. The influence of complementary resources on firm boundary decisions. In Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions, Volume 13. Finkelstein, S., and Cooper, C. (eds). Emerald Publishing: Bingley, UK, pp. 25-42.
  • 2014: Best paper finalist (1/5) for practice implications for paper examining competitive dynamics by the Strategic Management Society conference, Madrid, Spain, September 20-23.
  • 2012: AOM best paper proceedings (Top 10%) for “Managing cultural distance: Effects of technological overlap in cross-border acquisitions” and nominated for Carolyn Dexter award for best international paper by the Business Policy and Strategy (BPS) division of the Academy of Management