JR Harding

Associate Lecturer
JR Harding
414 RBA
Academic Specialty
Educational Leadership

Ed.D. Higher Education, Florida State University (1999)
Ed.S. Higher Education, Florida State University (1996)
M.Ed. Educational Leadership, University of West Florida (1993)
B.A. English, Wright State University (1991)

Areas of Expertise

Disability subject matter expert (employment, access and transportation)               

Dr. J.R. Harding is an associate lecturer in the Department of Management at Florida State University’s College of Business. His academic specialty is educational leadership, with a focus on disability subject matter. Harding is a two-time U.S. Presidential appointee, and a seven-time Florida Gubernatorial appointee. He has contributed to national, stat, and community public policy advancing independence and self-sufficiency of persons with disabilities for 30 years. 

Harding received his bachelor’s degree in English from Wright State University, his master’s degree in educational leadership from the University of West Florida and his Ed.S. and Ed.D. in higher education from Florida State University.


Author of Now What? and ADA Adventure

Interesting Facts

Life is short. JR enjoys roller coasters, scuba diving, swimming and miniature golf.

Honors and Awards
  • 2017 – Phi Beta Kappa Society (FSU) Teacher of the Year 

  • 2016 – Florida Network on Disability (FND) Service Award

  • 2014 – Mary Kane Leadership and Advocacy Award Ability 1st 

  • 2002 – FSU created the annual Student, JR Harding Award