Larry Giunipero

 Larry Giunipero
241 RBB
Academic Specialty
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Ph.D., Business Administration, Michigan State University
M.A. Accounting, Ball State University
B.S. Industrial Management and Engineering, Purdue University               

Areas of Expertise

Strategic sourcing
Supply chain risk
Global sourcing
Technology applications
Talent management

Selected Published Research

Giunipero, Rameriz and Swilley, "The Antecedents and Consequences of E-Purchasing Tools Usage", Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, forthcoming 2012.

Giunipero, Fiesel, & Hartmann, "The Importance of the Human Aspect in the Supply Function: Strategies for Developing PSM Proficiency", Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management,17:1, pp. 54-67, 2011.

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