Mariesa Haynes

Course Manager
Mariesa Haynes
313 RBA

M.S. Organizational Management and Communication, Florida State University (Anticipated Completion December 2027)
B.A. Studio Art, Florida State University (2021)

Areas of Expertise

Office Administration
Course Management

Mariesa is a dedicated course manager who finds joy in supporting students and faculty members. Her passion for helping others shines through as she assists with various tasks and projects, ensuring the smooth functioning of her department.

Interesting Facts

Outside of her professional role, Mariesa enjoys reading, she is often immersing herself in a wide range of genres, from drama to mystery. She also loves to travel with her  family during the summer months to explore different cities. Whether it's a famous restaurants or a famous landmarks, she finds adventure in every journey. When not immersed in a book or exploring a new destination, she enjoys the simple pleasure of going to the movies.