Michael Brusco

Haywood & Betty Taylor Eminent Scholar in Business Administration
Michael Brusco
359 RBB
Academic Specialty
Business Analytics

Ph.D., Florida State University, 1990
MBA, Florida State University, 1986
BBA, Florida Atlantic University, 1985
A.A., Broward Community College, 1982

Areas of Expertise

Linear ordering

Dr. Michael Brusco is the Haywood & Betty Taylor Eminent Scholar in Business Administration and a professor in the Department of Business Analytics, Information Systems and Supply Chain at Florida State University's College of Business. His academic specialty is operations management, and he teaches courses in the MBA and Master of Science in Business Analytics (MS-BA) programs. His research has been published in journals of the fields of operations research/management science/industrial engineering (IIE Transactions, Management Science, Naval Research Logistics, Operations Research, Technometrics), operations/supply chain management (Decision Sciences, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Supply Chain Management), and marketing (Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science). He has also published extensively in the field of quantitative psychology and serves on the editorial review board of Psychological Methods and as an associate editor for the British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology.

He earned his bachelor's degree in marketing from Florida Atlantic University. His MBA and Ph.D. in business administration are both from Florida State University.

Selected Published Research

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