Michael Holmes

Jim Moran Professor of Strategic Management and Director, Ph.D. with a major in OBHR Program and Ph.D. with a major in Strategy Program
 Michael Holmes
153 RBB
Academic Specialty
Strategy and Entrepreneurship

B.S, University of Alabama
Ph.D., Texas A&M University               

Areas of Expertise

Origins and implications of institutions
Microfoundations of strategy and entrepreneurship

Dr. R. Michael Holmes Jr. is the Jim Moran Professor of Strategic Management in the Department of Management at Florida State University. He also is the doctoral program coordinator for the organizational behavior and human resources (OBHR) and strategy doctoral programs. In addition, Holmes holds a visiting professor appointment at the University of Johannesburg.

Holmes' research focuses on the psychological foundations of strategy and entrepreneurship and the origins of institutions and their implications for management. It has been published in Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Perspectives, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Personnel Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and Strategic Management Journal, among other outlets. Several media outlets have abstracted Holmes' research, and he has presented his work at universities and conferences in more than a dozen countries.

He has taught strategic management and entrepreneurship courses to undergraduate, MBA and doctoral students. Holmes has been nominated for, or has won, several awards for his research, teaching and service. He also serves on the Journal of Management's Editorial Review Board.

Holmes received his B.S. from the University of Alabama and his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University.

Selected Published Research

Hitt, M. A., Arregle, J.- L., & Holmes, R. M. in press. Strategic management theory in a post-pandemic and non-ergodic world. Journal of Management Studies.

Sutton, T., Devine, R. A., Lamont., B. T., & Holmes, R. M. 2021. Resource dependence, uncertainty, and the allocation of corporate political activity across multiple jurisdictions. Academy of Management Journal, in press.

Agarwal, R. A., & Holmes, R. M. (alphabetical authorship). 2019. Let’s not focus on income inequality. Academy of Management Review, 44: 450-460.

Pryor, C., Holmes, R. M., Webb, J. W., & Liguori, E. W. 2019. Top executive goal orientations’ effects on environmental scanning and performance: Differences between founders and non-founders. Journal of Management, 45: 1958-1986.

Wang, G., Holmes, R. M., Devine, R. A., & Bischoff, J. 2018. CEO gender differences in careers and the moderating role of country culture: A meta-analytic investigation. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 148: 30-53.

Steinbach, A., Holcomb, T. R., Holmes, R. M., Devers, C. E., & Cannella, A. A. 2017. Top management team incentive heterogeneity, strategic investment behavior, and performance: A contingency theory of incentive alignment. Strategic Management Journal, 38: 1701-1720.

Wang, G., Holmes, R. M., & Oh, I-S., Zhu, W. 2016. Do CEOs matter to firm performance? A meta-analytic review, theoretical extension, and future agenda. Personnel Psychology, 69: 775-862.

Holmes R. M., Zahra, S. A., Hoskisson, R. E. DeGhetto, T., & Sutton, T. 2016. Two-way streets: The role of institutions and technology policy for firms’ corporate entrepreneurship and political strategies. Academy of Management Perspectives, 30: 247-272.

Interesting Facts

Communications Director - Business Policy and Strategy Division, Academy of Management