Sergey Mityakov

Truist Associate Professor of Finance
Sergey Mityakov
513 RBA
Academic Specialty

Ph.D. Economics, University of Chicago (2008) 
M.A. Economics, New Economic School (2002) 
M.S. Mathematics, Voronezh State University (2001)

Areas of Expertise

Banking Fraud
Corporate Malfeasance
Emerging Markets

Dr. Sergey Mityakov is the Truist Associate Professor of Finance in the Department of Finance at Florida State University’s College of Business. His research focuses on corporate governance issues in the context of emerging markets and developing economies and has been published in premier finance and economics journals, including the Journal of Financial Economics and the Journal of Law and Economics. His papers have been accepted by highly selective conferences, such as American Economic Association Annual meetings and NBER conferences and workshops. In 2016, one of his papers received an honorary mention in the prestigious Russian National Award in Applied Economics.

Mityakov received his master’s degree in mathematics from Voronezh State University, his master’s degree in economics from the New Economic School, and his doctoral degree in economics from the University of Chicago.

His personal website is at

Selected Published Research

"Political beta" (forthcoming Review of Finance) (joint with Ray Fisman, April Knill, and Margarita Portnykh)

Behavior of Corporate Depositors During a Bank Panic (forthcoming, Management Science, joint with Lucy Chernykh)

International Politics and oil: Evidence from Russian oil Exports (joint with M. Portnykh and K. Tsui) (forthcoming, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization)

Do Ex-Bankers Benefit Non-Financial Firms? Evidence from Job Transitions (joint with L. Chernykh) (2022) Review of Corporate Finance Studies

Transparency, contracting frictions, and trade: Evidence across firms (2021), Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization (with Ray Fisman and Eric Hardy)

Offshore Schemes and Tax Evasion: The Role of Banks ( joint with Lucy Chernykh) (2018) Journal of Financial Economics

Foreign Corporations and the Culture of Transparency: Evidence from Russian Administrative Data (joint with Serguey Braguinsky) (2015), Journal of Financial Economics (Also available as NBER working paper 17731)

Direct Estimation of Hidden Earnings: Evidence From Russian Administrative Data (with Serguey Braguinsky and Andrei Liskovich) (2014), Journal of Law and Economics, 57 (2), 281-319

Energy Security and International Relations: Evidence from Oil Import Diversification (joint with K. Tsui, H. Tang) (2013), Journal of Law and Economics, 56 (4), 1091-1121

Interesting Facts

Dr. Mityakov is an avid car enthusiast. This stems from his prior research approach that used cars to measure corporate fraud.

Honors and Awards
  • 2019 Outstanding paper award, GARP Global Association of Risk Professionals, Midwest Finance Association for the paper “Transparency, contracting frictions, and trade: Evidence across firms” (with Ray Fisman and Eric Hardy)
  • 2016 Russian National Award in Applied Economics