Honorees from the 2019 Faculty & Staff Awards Banquet ft. Faculty Hall of Fame

April 4, 2019

This annual event recognizes the significant achievements of the college’s faculty and staff and celebrates our retired faculty and staff members’ dedication and many years of service to the college. The event also features the 3rd Annual Charles A. Rovetta Faculty Hall of Fame, which honors retired faculty members who made a significant and lasting impact on their students, university and community. We were privileged to honor the below award winners at the 2019 College of Business Faculty & Staff Awards Banquet.

Staff Awards

Core Values

  • Ray Marky (Information Technology)
  • Melissa Roberts (Jim Moran Institute)
  • Kyndal Soto (Marketing & PR)

Emerging Leader – Marissa Mainwood (Engagement)
Esprit de Corps – Jennifer Boyles (Graduate Programs)
Grit – Alexa Mitsuda (Finance & HR) & Esther Widener (Graduate Programs)
MVP – Jennifer Clark (Graduate Programs)

Faculty Awards

Core Values

  • Deb Armstrong (BAISSC)
  • Michael Brady (Marketing)
  • Landon Mauler (Accounting)

Graduate Teaching Award – Darren Brooks (Management)
Tenure-Track Undergraduate Teaching Award – Chuck Nyce (RMI)
Specialized Undergraduate Teaching Award – Gary Bliss (Finance)

Outstanding Junior Faculty Research Award – Colleen Harmeling (Marketing)
Outstanding Senior Faculty Research Award – Stacy Sirmans (RMI)
Distinguished Research Award – Bruce Lamont (Management)

2019 Charles A. Rovetta Faculty Hall of Fame Inductees

Bill Anthony (Management)

Pamela Coats (Finance)