Student Engagement

Student engagement fosters integration into university life by contributing to the intellectual, personal and social development of undergraduate and graduate experiences. Additionally, it provides deeper distinction and value to the overall student experience by providing students more of an opportunity to learn about their fields of interest, gain leadership and professional skills, and build a community outside the classroom.

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Business Mentoring Program

The Business Mentoring Program connects students to successful College of Business alumni and friends. Students and mentors interact under this structured program for one semester, during which they communicate at least 30 minutes a week. Mentors provide encouragement and insight on career development, personal growth and challenges in the workplace.

This program is offered in the fall and spring, with student applications being accepted the first two weeks of each semester. Mentors may register to participate and create a profile at any time throughout the year. 

Business Mentoring Program Application  

Clubs & Organizations

Student clubs and organizations offer the opportunity to network, expand leadership experience and learn with fellow students who have shared interests with you. With major-specific and general business organizations available, there is something for everyone.

Clubs and Organizations  

corporate tours

Each academic year, the college provides several opportunities for students to participate in corporate tours hosted by the college or a business-focused student organization. Students visit business hubs throughout Florida and the U.S. to explore career options and get a sense for the area.

Emerging Leaders Certification

Facilitated by the Truist Leadership Institute, the Emerging Leaders Certification is based on the model that beliefs drive behaviors — which in turn produce results. Students learn about the beliefs that drive their leadership behaviors, both in a positive and negative way. Based on theory, the highly interactive session provides students with a better self-understanding and ways they can lead others more effectively. Participants leave with practical tools and strategies to use immediately to overcome any leadership blinds spots identified during the session.

Sessions focus on three foundational modules of leadership content: 1) Leaders Aren’t Born (Introduction); 2) What's Your Strategy?; and 3) The Rules of Games. Prior to each session, participants complete the Leadership Preferences Inventory™ to prepare them for in-class exercises, discussions, group work and reflection. Upon completion of the program, students receive the Truist Leadership Institute's Emerging Leaders Certification which can be included on their LinkedIn profile.

This certification program is offered for College of Business students during the spring semester.

engage 100

The college's Engage 100 offering is a dynamic program that provides incoming business students the opportunity to become more familiar with the College of Business and how to be a successful business student. Participants meet weekly throughout the semester for approximately one hour. Meetings include:

  • Short presentations focused on various topics to familiarize incoming students with FSU and the college’s available programs and resources
  • Discussion of best practices for success such as goal setting, healthy study habits and developing research habits
  • An overview of the college’s majors and the possible careers available to students
  • Tips for professionalism and being engaged on campus
  • Excursions to various venues around campus to further familiarize students with available resources


Create a great first impression during a business meal or interview by learning proper manners and networking skills at our etiquette dinners. Each semester, we host etiquette dinners for students to learn proper introductions, how to confidently make small talk while networking, navigating table settings and more, all while enjoying a three-course meal.

Etiquette Dinners  

recruiting eventS

Many opportunities are provided to business students to connect with companies hiring for internships, and full-time and part-time positions. Each semester, the college hosts events that allow students to learn about recruiting companies through classroom presentations, informational meet and greets, tabling and other networking activities. Additionally, the college organizes large scale, semi-annual recruiting events, including the Business Career Expo, Insurance Days and Seminole Sales Showcase.

Recruiting Events  


Throughout the year, the college hosts several events where industry experts and college alumni are invited to share their knowledge with students as part of a panel conversation or smaller roundtable discussion. Both opportunities provide students the opportunity to connect with leaders in their field to learn more about business insights and future possible directions for their career.

Small Group Sessions  

speaker eventS

Top executives are invited to campus to share their personal experiences related to current business topics and best practices. These are a great opportunity to learn from and network with successful professionals.

Speaker Events  


Brush up on your marketable skills by attending Level Up Workshops and other career-focused seminars hosted by the Center for Professional Success. These valuable sessions can help you perfect your resume, practice interviewing skills, teach you what skills recruiters focus on, provide business networking tips and more!

Workshops & Seminars