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Business complexities in the age of COVID-19

David King

Dr. David King - “Promoting office rivalry creates a more political atmosphere at work that hinders collaboration and it can contribute to employee burnout. This results in lower productivity and potentially higher employee turnover.

Jack Nicholson

Dr. Jack Nicholson – Every year, Florida is faced with the start of the North Atlantic Hurricane season on June 1 that lasts until the end of November. This year, however, is different. The world is in a pandemic for the first time in practically everyone’s lifetime. This could have a significant impact on how Floridians prepare and recover from a hurricane event. For one thing, social distancing is difficult in a hurricane shelter.


Dr. Noyan Ilk and Dr. Guangzhi Shang – The survival of businesses impacted by social distancing relies not only on cash infusions in the short-term, but also on reviving the consumer demand for their products/ services in the long-term. Reviving consumer demand is especially important for avoiding a total economic collapse at a macro-level after the imminent threat of the pandemic has been overcome (Shefrin 2020) …

Chad Marzen

Chad Marzen - There is no known cure for COVID-19 but, according to Chad Marzen, that hasn’t stopped opportunists from looking to capitalize off people’s fears.

Nate Wadlinger

Nate Wadlinger – In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has granted broad relief for tax filing and payment deadlines that fall between April 1 and July 15, 2020. While the IRS has extended various dates for filing at earlier times since the Presidential Declaration of an Emergency on March 13, 2020, Notice 2020-23, the most recent promulgation by the IRS, grants automatic relief to affected taxpayers, meaning they do not have to file extensions or send documents to the IRS to obtain relief.

Darren Brooks

Dr. Darren Brooks - The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus is moving most organizations into unchartered territories in terms of human resource policies and practices. The challenge is how to implement various levels of business continuity plans to ensure core business functions continue, where possible, while addressing the fears and anxieties experienced by employees on issues such as personal health and well-being, loss of pay...

Lance Kerwin

Lance Kerwin - Now that Florida State University has moved all learning online, this is a time to apply the skills and experiences that the students will need in the workplace from Day 1. Being able to pivot and leverage the amazing technologies and partnerships we have through the College of Business provides a unique opportunity to show our students how to collaborate remotely...

Larry Guinipero

Dr. Larry Guinipero - Our current COVID-19 crisis has magnified the importance of strategically managing supply chains and anticipating risks in uncertain times. We are seeing unprecedented issues due to disruptions in sourcing and overwhelming demand. In general, there are imbalances in different supply chains...

April Knill

Dr. April Knill - First, the bad news: The Dow Jones Industrial recently closed 33% below its peak, a level not seen since 2017. As of the writing of this article, it remains in bear market territory (a more than 20% drop from recent peak). The speed at which markets hit these new lows is remarkable. Markets fell at such a dizzying pace that automatic ‘circuit breakers’ kicked in, multiple times, to halt trading temporarily so traders...

Patricia Born

Dr. Patricia Born - The insurance industry will face extraordinary challenges dealing with COVID-19. Health insurers are already struggling with decisions that will affect their direct costs related to testing and providing treatment for the virus, and many potential indirect costs, such as the costs of delaying treatment of other health issues...

Other faculty experts on the business complexities in the age of COVID-19

April 9, 2020
Dr. David King – “The slowdown in economic activity will likely accelerate as firms reduce expenses to conserve cash. This increases the chances that the inevitable recovery will not be V-shaped, or it will take time — years vs. months. Traditionally safe government jobs will also be impacted as the slowdown in economic activity will lower tax receipts over more than one budget year. Florida is likely to be hit particularly hard due to roughly 15 percent of jobs relying on tourism, as well as hotel and sales tax revenue for local and state government. How this shakes out in the longer term is a real unknown.”

April 9, 2020
Luke Hopkins - “Given the complex, multifaceted nature of the retail industry, forecasting how the coronavirus will impact the labor situation is no easy task. For example, Amazon’s announcement of their intentions to hire 100,000 workers to match increased demand is in stark contrast to the unprecedented number of frontline retail employee layoffs that have plagued many other retailers. While ‘essential’ businesses are working hard to fill positions that are customer-facing (i.e., sales associates and delivery drivers), the greatest need appears to be in jobs that can be done remotely and those positions that support e-commerce.”