FSU Organizational Effectiveness Institute

About the Center

The FSU Organizational Effectiveness Institute is dedicated to enhancing the teaching, research and practical applications of management within organizations. By focusing on the practical implications and real-world practice of management, the institute strengthens the Management and Human Resource Management programs in the College of Business at Florida State University, ensuring students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in managerial roles and make a meaningful impact in organizations.

The mission of the FSU Organizational Effectiveness Institute is twofold: to advance the field of management and to develop future leaders who will shape and influence the workplace of tomorrow. We achieve this by fostering collaboration between practitioners and academia, nurturing domain knowledge and facilitating the exchange of ideas and expertise. Our mission is built on three core pillars:

Student Professional Development
We prioritize the professional growth and development of our students. Through a range of immersive experiences, developmental programs and industry connections, we empower our students to excel as future leaders in the field of management.

Knowledge Development
We are committed to expanding the knowledge base of management through rigorous research. By supporting research initiatives, partnering with corporate organizations, and facilitating data collection and analysis, we contribute to the advancement of management theory and practice.

Knowledge Exchange
We create an environment that fosters knowledge exchange among students, faculty members and practitioners. Our institute serves as a hub for dialogue, collaboration and networking, providing opportunities for meaningful interactions that drive innovation and inform best practices.

The institute’s operations are supported by the generous assistance received from its advisory board, alumni, friends and event sponsors.

Join us at the FSU Organizational Effectiveness Institute and be part of a vibrant community committed to advancing the field of management, shaping future leaders and driving organizational excellence.

To learn more about opportunities with the FSU Organizational Effectiveness Institute, please contact the Dr. Sam Paustian-Underdahl, the Barry and Janice Anderson Director.


The FSU Organizational Effectiveness Institute is proud to have a dedicated advisory board comprising esteemed organizational leaders and professionals who share our passion for advancing management education, research and practice. The advisory board plays a pivotal role in advancing the visibility and national standing of the FSU Management and Human Resource Management programs, while also providing valuable guidance to the programs’ faculty. Additionally, the board assists in developing strategies to enhance the programs’ resources and contributes to career development, mentoring and placement of the programs’ students. Their collective expertise and support are instrumental in ensuring the programs’ success and preparing students for impactful careers in the field of management.

FSU OEI Advisory Board  

Student Involvement

A goal of the FSU Organizational Effectiveness Institute is to connect with and support students in the Management and Human Resource Management programs in the College of Business at Florida State University. This objective is accomplished through various initiatives, including:

Sponsoring Scholarships
The institute offers scholarships to exceptional students. Scholarship recipients are selected based on criteria such as academic standing, career goals and demonstrated leadership within the student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) or other organizations.

Networking Opportunities
Management and Human Resource Management (HRM) students are invited to join the institute's members for networking opportunities during on-campus meetings. This provides a platform for students to engage with professionals in the field, fostering networking connections and knowledge sharing.

Internship Matching 
The institute facilitates connections between top students interested in completing internships and the firms represented by its advisory board members. This matching process helps students gain valuable real-world experience, while allowing organizations to tap into the talent pool of motivated management and HRM students.

Research Support
Management doctoral students are invited to present their research ideas to the institute, opening doors for knowledge exchange and potential data-collection opportunities from its members. This collaboration allows students to further their research while benefiting from the expertise and resources available through the institute's network.

Guest Lectures
The institute invites its members to serve as guest lecturers in management classes. This provides students with insights from industry professionals, enriching their educational experience and bridging the gap between theory and practice. Through these initiatives, the FSU Organizational Effectiveness Institute actively engages with management and HRM students, supporting their academic and professional development, and strengthening the link between academia and industry.